Hello, Horny Readers! Today is National Nurses Day! The nurses I know are quite irreverent, despite the respect and dedication they devote to their patients, so I don’t think they’ll mind if I celebrate the occasion talking about the naughty nurse fantasy! And it’s a fantasy that a good number of you have called Me to explore! It’s so versatile, and can accommodate so many aspects of femdom. I always have fun with it!

So what is it about the naughty nurse fantasy, and medical fetish in general, that so titillates both you and Me? And for the uninitiated, what can W/e do with it?

The naughty nurse fantasy automatically puts you in a vulnerable headspace.

Imagine lying in a hospital bed. or maybe in the doctor’s office, wearing one of those flimsy gowns and nothing else. You’re there to be cared for, are you not? You depend on the nurses in particular to see to many of your needs. You’re naked, or mostly naked, and in an unfamiliar place. Maybe you’re incapacitated somehow. No matter what kinks you use the naughty nurse trope to explore, the venue itself in the erotic roleplay puts you in the position to surrender to authority, whether it’s nurturing or stern.

The venue, and the naughty nurse, are a template that you and I can adjust to suit so many of those kinks!

What can naughty nurse Rachel do for you . . . or to you?

Pretty much anything within the realm of where My kinks and yours collide! And you know My tastes by now!

Example? Sure!

I like to imagine a scene where you’re having a number of tests done, and so of course, samples need to be taken. But maybe you’re too weak to provide the semen sample by yourself. Maybe your arms are in casts and you simply can’t reach. Or maybe . . . you’re stubborn. You think it’s too embarrassing to masturbate in front of anyone, and of course the collection must be monitored to ensure ideal conditions.

Naughty nurse Rachel specializes in difficult patients, and whether She has to supervise and offer jack off instructions, employ a rather rough handjob (perhaps with some orgasm edging to ensure a sizable sample), prostate milking, or even e-stim to get what She needs out of you, She’ll get it, one way or another. *wink*

Naughty nurse Rachel makes housecalls!

Or rather, you can make phone calls, and invite Me right into your medical fetish fantasies! Even if you’re not sure how your particular kink can fit into this trope, run it by Me, and I’ll be happy to put My creative and devious mind to work!

Granted, My specialties don’t include the GFE, which most of you know by now, so there will always be an element of control if not dominance to My naughty nurse portrayal, but if that suits you, please do let Me know!

I’m accepting new patients all the time. Even the difficult ones. *wink*


Miss Rachel, Naughty Nurse Femdom


P.S.: If you’d like to hear Me read this post, press play below!