Hello Horny Readers!  Recently, I received the above question via E-mail as to why I don’t add a page on My blog with recommendations for toys and tools related to sadomasochism.  Since I assume that single interrogator is not the only one who might wonder, I decided to answer the question in the form of a blog post, for all who may be interested to see.

First of all, I did consider it.  I even had a name picked out for the page.  I was going to call it, “Whip It Good!” Everyone sing the earworm with Me now . . . “When a subbie comes along, you must whip it/Before the penis gets too long, you must whip it!” Okay, so those might not be the official words.  But it’s clear that I was enchanted with the idea, and I am a fan of sadism and masochism.  I’ve got posts here on My blog attesting to My sadistic streak.  But the truth is, there just aren’t many toys out there that I feel are necessary or useful for the kind of pain play I like to indulge over the phone.  Most of the items I like to employ are available in your home, or more easily and cheaply accessible from a hardware store than a purveyor of sex toys.  There are a couple of exceptions, which I will note later in the post, but even those I consider a treat (mostly for Me! *giggle), not essential.

“So Mistress, what are these sadomasochism toys and tools readily available at home, and what do you like to use them for?”

First, My most-oft employed tools are found right in your kitchen in the form of a good wooden spoon or rubber spatula.  These are great for CBT and spanking, especially CBT.  The surface area of these utensils are perfect for focusing on those most tender of body parts needing discipline (or deserving punishment). Hairbrushes are good for this, too, and the bristled side can add intrigue!

Next, I feel a punishment pet can never go wrong with having a nice big bag of clothes pins lying around.  Since a lot of people don’t hang their wash out to dry anymore, maybe they aren’t “lying around” as readily as they would have been in eras past, but those who don’t usually will have a binder clip or two in a drawer somewhere.  I might even like binder clips better for nipple torment, because they tend to pack a tighter pinch than clothes pins, but clothes pins are more versatile because of how wide their “jaws” can open.

Also, most people have a wax taper (the tall, skinny candles) or two, and I do love to administer the bracing but transient sting of hot wax treatment during sadomasochism play. Pillar candles are also nice, but make sure they’re just plain wax or beeswax, with no perfumes added.  I don’t have proof, but I’ve always feared that the more chemically-impregnated candles might cause skin reactions.  Hmm, I guess I’ll have to google that to be sure, but better safe than sorry, in My book.

Lastly, who doesn’t have a nice leather belt?  I prefer the un-braided variety, especially for spanking.  I like the sound a plain leather belt makes when it strikes a meaty ass.

“What about those exceptions, Mistress?”

Well, I do love a good flogger, and to be honest with you, I think it’s easier for a boy to make his own hand a proxy for Mine when using one.  I also enjoy a nice paddle, for the sound and for the surface area they can potentially cover.  Selection requires a bit of consideration, because there are different materials, lengths, and desired effects to consider.  My next blog post will go into some of these.

Also, with regard to tit torment, I like an actual set of nipple clamps, connected by a chain.  It’s really the chain that makes these a treat for Me, because I like to have a boy apply differing degrees of pull on it for differing degrees of pain.  You can even get a set of small, graduating weights made to be hung from the chain, in case Mistress allows you to be busy with your hands elsewhere. *wink*  Also, there are varieties that allow you to adjust the tightness of the bite, and some of you whores are such pain sluts that it takes quite a bit to get a reaction out of you.  There are even some with pointy teeth!

So, in conclusion, it’s not that sadomasochism isn’t a beautiful thing.  It’s just that with the prevalence of DIY BDSM toys in most kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, and junk drawers that function as well as those you might buy specifically for the indulgence of your (or My) desires, I just don’t have any special recommendations. Keep in mind that I speak for Myself and My own tastes alone. There are probably some Mistresses who have a wider range of interests and experience in sadomasochism, and they will likely be able to recommend other household items that can be useful in ways that never would have occurred to Me.

Until next time, pain pets!