Hello, Horny Readers!

I know well that so many of My feminized submissives are intelligent and accomplished (except for a few of My sissy bimbos–they’re ditsy by nature), and that many are talented at more than just sucking cock, taking My strapon, applying sissy makeup, following directions, and enduring both torturous pleasure and tantalizing pain.  But it’s very rare (at least so far) that a she-pet has presented Me with a piece of creativity that I feel deserves to be shared with the world as widely as possible.

Recently, one of My favorite playtoys has expressed her devotion to Me in the form of an erotic imagining of the types of adventures s/he and I would enjoy together if s/he were to fall under My spell in the flesh rather than in the context of FemDom phone sex.

I don’t know how s/he would choose to be identified, or whether or not s/he would want to be identified at all, but I do know that s/he is more than willing to have Me share the expression of Mistress devotion, the tribute to Me, that this piece of creative writing represents, and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

It’s quite long, so I’ll be posting it in installments, maybe one or two per week unless My readers are so enthralled that they clamor for more, more often.  Please feel free to give My pet the applause s/he so richly deserves in the comments section, and look for the first installment in My next post.