Hello, Horny Readers! Do you ever wonder whether or not Mistress Rachel resents it when you and I have had a session, and then it comes to My attention later that you’ve built an ongoing relationship with another Femdomme?

The idea for this PSA-type post started as a reply to a comment, but for one thing, the reply grew to be over 300 words, and for another, I decided that the message I meant to impart might be useful to others besides the commenter.

I’m going to omit names, to avoid the appearance of putting the subbie who inspired this post on blast, but if you’ve ever wondered how I felt about the subject, hopefully you’ll be able to glean reassurance from it for yourself, even if it’s in the format of reply to a specific someone:

[Redacted], I never have understood why you thought I had anything against you. I’ve never been anything but glad that you and Mistress [redacted] have developed such a good Mistress/submissive relationship.

Not to imply that you’re not important, but I speak with hundreds and hundreds of subbies, some only once, some I have been training and playing with almost as long as I’ve been here in the Enchantrix Empire, and many somewhere in between.

I don’t question why I’ve only spoken to some subbies once. Either it’s self-evident that W/e weren’t a fit, or it’s simply some other reason that if not brought to My attention, ceases to be any of My concern.

I also don’t think about whether or not someone with whom I play regularly, also plays with other Mistresses. I don’t ask, and frankly, I don’t care.** I’ve certainly had many a subbie swear complete allegiance to Me, and to volunteer the fact that they will only ever have sessions with Me, or call themselves exclusively Mine. But while I bask in their slavish devotion, and often exploit it for My amusement and arousal, it’s not something I seek, ask for, hold them to, or check up on.

With regard to a submissive and I, the only world that exists is the one W/e create together when W/e’re in session, and any personal session or assignment-related correspondence W/e may share outside of it. Any other worlds are none of My concern, and of limited interest.***

With regard to those with whom I’ve only had one session, sometimes it’s their decision, sometimes it’s Mine. I’m neither jealous nor territorial, and I completely endorse, whether on the part of the Mistress or on the part of a potential slave, seeking chemistry that’s just right.

I’m glad you enjoyed the one session W/e had together, years ago now I think, but for what it’s worth (and as I recall), W/e weren’t an ideal match for an ongoing Domme/sub relationship. It turns out that you and I agree on that, though it’s not something W/e’ve ever discussed or, in My opinion, NEEDED to discuss. It just is what it is.

So I think you made the exact right decision, not only because of how much I admire Mistress [redacted], but because you and I weren’t suited to each other in the first place. I thought both you and I knew and accepted that as a matter of course, but it seems that it still troubles you somehow, since you still bring it up from time to time, and I’m not really sure why.

Hopefully this post will help to alleviate any lingering misgivings you might have. Please be at peace with your decision, enjoy your current formal relationship with your Mistress(long may She reign), and feel confident about the friendly and casual social media relationship between you and I. Because I Myself am utterly content.


Mistress Rachel


**Unless I’ve got you in chastity or under some other assignment that you’re trying to subvert by talking to Someone Else who doesn’t know about it.

***Unless I join another Mistress in teasing, tormenting, training, and/or controlling you