Hello, horny readers! And hooray for Summer, am I right? Not everyone favors warm weather, but those with a foot fetish are no doubt celebrating! What other season allows for such tantalizing access to the object of their desire? Strappy sandals, fresh pedicures, tan lines, toe cleavage, on practically every woman they see! But soft, dainty, pretty little feet aren’t the only ones on which these pedes pervs feast their eyes (and mouths). Every foot fetishist has his own story. His taste in feet, whether their appearance, condition, or level of contact, can be as individual as the man (or sissy)! The origins of a foot fetish, when they can be discerned, can be quite diverse as well!

Are you a foot slave? Or would you prefer to be called a foot lover? When someone asks, “are you an ass man, a leg man, or a boob man”, will you simply reply, “lower”? Do you have any idea why you love feet so much? How did it begin? I’ve been reflecting on the foot fetish fantasy sessions I’ve had, and the different theories foot fetishists have shared regarding how it all began. To follow are two of the most interesting that came to mind.

Read along, foot boy, and see if you relate to either of these!

Covered Women, Naked Feet

Many women wear next to nothing these days, as is their right. But some of My leg and foot fetish playmates spent their early youth in eras or cultures where women were much more modestly dressed.

Take Norm* for example. Norm and I began to have sessions soon after I came to LDW almost 12 years ago. At the time, he had just retired, but his libido and foot lust had not. If you do the math, you will realize that this places the first inklings of Norm’s awareness of women in any other role besides caregiver, educator, or “yuck”, as right around the late 50’s.

Of course, pinup girls were nothing new. And yes, the lingerie section of the telephone book-sized Sears catalog got a good going over by the majority of the young and curious. And although it was long before he was aware of anything so extensive as footjobs (or any kind of “job” for that matter), Norm found himself drawn to that which he could see casually, unguarded, and naked. Nothing implied or posed. He liked the feeling of looking at something he wasn’t explicitly invited to savor. Something he saw incidentally.

The allure of the forbidden

Not even the shape of a woman through her clothes drew his attention as much as when he could follow that shape through a demure dress, or even a snug pair of pedal pushers, down to the unconscious nudity of her feet. No matter her age, degree of propriety, or how primly she might dress everywhere else, chances were at some point a woman would have occasion to slip off her shoes. Or not wear any at all. Norm became a sort of dowsing rod for such situations. Add some bright toe polish to contrast with the tender, private skin, and Norm could not look away.

I’ve never had a foot fetish session with a man from a Muslim-majority community or country, or, to My knowledge, with any men who practice Orthodox Judaism. Depending on how observant they are, these cultures are known for modesty. Even within the confines of their own homes many women are apt to cover everything but their faces, hands, and feet. I wouldn’t be surprised if in such communities, feet had tremendous erotic power.

Norm agrees.

Trauma Turns to Origins of a Foot Fetish!

Melanie* bullied Paul relentlessly when they were young. He didn’t hit his growth spurt until well into high school. Melanie was a big girl for her age. She also had a mean streak. Perhaps her mean streak came from being bullied herself, given her relative size. But the two of them came together in such a way that left Paul with a taste in feet that might surprise you!

Melanie, 5’5″, 150 pounds, and size 9 feet, would often wrestle 5′ 100 pound Paul into submission. If she was going to be made fun of for her size, someone would be at its mercy. Paul, no doubt in an effort to fit in with the popular crowd and thus deflect their attention from himself, made the mistake of laughing along once when she was teased. This made him both her favorite target, and because of his size, a convenient one.

Every time he would try to rise from his defeated position on the ground, Melanie would plant her foot, big even for her frame, on his chest, and push him back down. Sometimes she’d even plant a foot on his face. Most of the time she would have her shoes on. Paul remembers fondly, however, the first time she used her big bare foot, dirty from running about the schoolyard, to smash his face into ground.

Origins of a Foot Fetish Unknown?

Was it a defense mechanism of his brain, protecting itself from the inability to respond to either fight or flight (I tend to think this explains why humiliation becomes erotic for many)? Or was it simply an aberration in Paul’s erotic response that waited to be unearthed by the right circumstances?

W/e may never know. But what W/e do know is that ever since, Paul has sought out foot fetish fantasies that involved being trod upon by a lady with big, dirty feet. Preferably unshod. Shrimping, even.

I know there are many of you out there who love feet. Maybe you don’t know why. And that’s perfectly okay! Chasing the why with regard to kink can be as futile as for any other unknown. Sometimes one should just accept and enjoy if understanding only brings frustration. But it can also be intriguing to think back and discern why W/e like what W/e like.

If you can explore so the origins of your foot fetish, I would be intrigued to hear your story! Feel free to share it in the comments, or arrange for a session for your erotic confession.


Goddess Rachel, Foot Fetish Femdomme


*Names changed in the interests of privacy