Hello, Horny Readers!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last wrote to all of My submissives, both the cock curious, and those who simply like what I write.  I’ve been very self-indulgent over the past several months (which befits an Empress, to be sure), taking lots of vacation time, but you can somewhat fault My Boyfriend for a plethora of surprise visits and the Christmas/New Years gift of a mini vacation (featuring lots of deep dicking and draining of big balls).  Plus there were the holidays themselves.  I’m sure you understand.

But spending so much time drunk on Adam’s big cock brought back the fact that I ought to finish writing about someone else who got drunk on it, this summer.  So many of you have contacted Me, both here on My blog, via E-mail, and via messenger, expressing just how deeply you were . . . inspired . . . by the recounting of Our weekend with DD, Our favorite masculine cock slut.  My favorite comments were from those who didn’t even consider themselves bi-curious (of whom there was more than one), but who “inexplicably” found themselves boiling over with lust by the time they finished the first chapter, concerning DD’s superlative cock sucking skills!

And then I left you hanging.

Well have no fear!  Over the next days, I will finish telling you all about our hot weekend, specifically the sights and sounds of Adam opening up DD’s muscular sphincter nice and wide with all 9.5 fat, throbbing inches, and the submission and abandon with which DD took it all, finally earning the privilege of orgasm!

I hope you’re still interested!