Hello, Horny Readers! This is another of those blog posts inspired by a question a submissive asked Me in private. As is often the case, I figured it was something more than one of you had wondered about, even if he was the first to ask. The question? Mistress, do you actually get pleasure out of being the aggressor in pain play? If so, why?

My answer? Why yes.  Yes I do.

It doesn’t really matter what form it takes, pain play is a stress reliever for Me. It’s arousing, and amusing. Further, giving you a good spanking, or spending some time tormenting your nipples, stretching and/or slapping your balls, or any number of other manifestations of impact play I may visit upon you function for Me like a deep tissue massage followed by a nice mug of chamomile tea. Submitting to your Mistress’ desire to inflict discomfort on you is, therefore, a very giving, loving thing to do!

You’re contributing to My well-being!

Why do I sigh with relief when you moan with discomfort?

Call it a curious type of empathy. When I see your flesh laid bare, I feel a tingle along My own skin in the same place, imagining your goosebumps of anticipation of the blow, pinch, prickle, zap, or drizzle of hot wax. I can almost feel the sensation of each Myself when they land and you cry out, your muscles contract, your skin blushes, your body writhes.

When your respiration quickens, so does mine, both from exertion and excitement. I imagine the reverberations of the sensations you are experiencing from the first shock to the almost tantric dissipation, and the cycle starts all over again.

It’s almost as if I’m masturbating, but psychologically rather than physically. You could also say that pain play is a way of you and I fucking, but on a different plane.

Would you like to do something special for Me?

Well, you can buy Me a spa day . . . or slap your balls for Me while I watch on Skype for half an hour. To answer the question posed by My pain sub, the effects are pretty much the same!

Until next time,


Miss Rachel

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