Hello, Horny Readers!  You know what?  Panties aren’t just for sissies anymore.  Actually, they never were, but isn’t it mostly sissies about whom you hear when panties are being discussed?  This post is about the panty boy, a species of submissive who may or may not be in it for the feminization, but is undeniably addicted to this most delicate of female undergarments.  I don’t hear nearly enough about them!

In My time, I’ve met a few different kinds of panty boys.  The main points that separate them are whether they are addicted to/coerced into wearing panties themselves, whether they have a fetish for Mistress’ panties, or both.

The panty boy who slips them on himself?

Some boys don’t need to be ordered by Mistress to put on his thong or cheekies.  Many a man has discovered the comfort of something silky and soft against his naughty bits, and the security of a nice snug fit that he just doesn’t get with male underwear.  Some like to look and feel “cute”, and a baggy pair of boxers doesn’t frame their butt cheeks the way they like best.  But the attraction can go beyond the physical. Some boys have chosen to wear panties because they feel psychologically at home in them, even though they may not have any interest in or affinity for gender-bending.

The “Mistress makes me wear panties” panty boy:

Usually for the purposes of humiliation, Mistress might sometimes order a subby into panties.  Often, this is because he is practically neutered up front, and when that’s the case, male undies are a waste of fabric (they’re usually made with extra room to accommodate the cock and balls comfortably).  This doesn’t necessarily have to lead to further feminization.  In fact, I enjoy coercing a boy who is obviously male into wearing panties, because I feel it deepens the humiliation.  I love the idea of a boy going about his day in a suit or a construction hat or a police uniform with a pair of lacy pink boyshorts underneath, randomly blushing on and off all day whenever he shifts his weight and remembers that he is under the control of a femdom, cringing to think what would happen if anyone found out!  And there’s a subtle punishment inherent in having to wear something that often bisects and puts pressure on a boy’s balls, since panties aren’t made to accommodate the heftier ones.

The panty-sniffer panty boy:

Now, this panty boy may wear panties, or he may not, but he is devoted to them either way–as long as they’ve spent a good long time cozied up against Mistress’ pussy and ass, or that of any woman!

Yes, these boys are slutty and perverted, horny readers.  They’ve got it bad, some of them.  The worst case of panty addiction I’ve ever encountered involved a boy who had a pair of his wife’s dirty panties over his head, crotch strategically centered over his nose for nice deep whiffing, was wearing a pair of her dirty panties with his slutty cock pulled out of the leg for stroking, and another pair wrapped around his cock!  Maybe I shouldn’t categorize him as a panty boy.  Maybe he’s more of a panty slut!  But what ever I’d call him, he ended up adding a startling amount of his own goo to the feminine discharge the lady in his life had left behind.

Are there any panty boys in My readership?  Which type of panty boy are you?  Weigh in in the comments!