It’s not just the long, lean stems, juicy, firm thighs, that delight you. It’s not just an empty pair of nylon stockings draped over a chair. What is it then? How about the combination of the two? You don’t just have a pantyhose fetish. You don’t just have a leg fetish. I know some of you have a pantyhose leg fetish, and I completely understand why. Do you ache to express your fetish through pantyhose leg worship?

I’ve been told I have beautiful legs. Tennis, yoga, weight training, and the occasional run are responsible for that. I also love lingerie. Most importantly, I am a combination of controlling and dominant, with just a hint of the sensual, and will use what ever tools are at My disposal for holding you under My sway. So why wouldn’t I understand those of you who, more than anything else, dream of worshipping My legs in pantyhose? Why wouldn’t I be prepared to take absolute advantage of your weakness for My legs?

Pantyhose Leg Fetish versus Stocking Leg Fetish

Maybe you’re not particular about whether I’m wearing stockings or pantyhose.  I prefer thigh-high stockings, Myself. Maybe you weren’t even aware that there’s a difference between the two. But in the interests of asking specifically for what you need in a Femdom phone sex session, you should know that there is a difference.

Pantyhose can be silk or nylon, control-top or non-, reinforced toe or not, reinforced crotch or not, vintage style with a seam up the back or an uninterrupted sleek column, sheer or more opaque (thick knit are sometimes referred to as tights, and if you have a specific taste for those, be sure to let Me know), and can come in many colors. Don’t worry that it’s Summertime. In the realm of fantasy, any knit that makes you throb and submit is in season!

Anyway, the main thing that distinguishes pantyhose from stockings is that I slide My pantyhose smoothly up My legs and over My sumptuous bottom until they fit around the waist. That means all the forbidden fruit from waist to toe is just the right balance of visible and inaccessible. Your pantyhose leg worship can and should include everything the pantyhose can cover, but the legs are the key, aren’t they?

How do you like to explore?

Speaking of inaccessible, some of you simply desire to feast your eyes. When I allow you to look but not touch, pantyhose leg worship is worship with the eyes alone. You like to be teased, humiliated by denial, or to venerate your Mistress’ power and your submission by understanding that you are not worthy of tactile stimulation. Is the swishing sound My stocking-clad legs make when I cross My legs enough to take you over the edge?

Or maybe you would enjoy some contact to express your love, but controlled by Mistress with some limitations? Shall I tie you to a chair, knees spread wide, and glide My nylon-clad knee up and down against the underside of your cock? Perhaps I should just restrain your hands, and challenge you to orgasm with only My plump, silken calves to hump?

I will be honest with you that I am more interested in the humiliation side of pantyhose leg worship, but I do tend to purr while I torment you via your desires.

Do you have a pantyhose leg fetish?

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Goddess Rachel