Goddess Rachel wants you to try post-orgasm torture! 1-800-356-6169Hello, Horny Readers! Ever fantasized about being captured and tortured with pleasure? Or maybe punished for an unauthorized orgasm? Maybe your chronic masturbation habit has gotten a little stale, and you’re looking to change things up? If you’re not already scared off by the title, I’d like to describe why I think you may enjoy post-orgasm torture!

Frist, let’s make something clear: the word “torture”  may be more daunting than the experience itself. Granted, that depends on just how sensitive your cock is after you cum. For some strokers, post-orgasm torture may simply be a continuation of the pleasure of the orgasm, if a bit intense. For some it’s like masturbating with a touch of tiger balm. Some find it truly painful, but satisfying for other reasons, like their desire for cbt and other torments. Still others experience or seek something in between.

And what better time than Masturbation May to try it out? It’s the perfect occasion to branch out in lots of ways.

You can:

  • Try new toys
  • Try a different grip
  • Use Lube if you don’t usually, or a different lube if you do
  • Try a cock ring or tying up your balls
  • Try edging and orgasm delay if you haven’t already, or extend your stamina if you have

Or yes, you can experiment with sensation!

Struggling to understand why some strokers like it? Failing to see why you might?

Well, perhaps neither of those questions will be any clearer to you by the time you get to the end of this post. But if I can get just one stroker to indulge My sadistic str–I mean, if I can just get one stroker to consider something new, try it with Me in a session, and have him find he actually loves it, for whatever reason, the post will have served its purpose!

Not to mention introducing Me to those of you who’ve already tried post-orgasm torture, and for your own reasons (or Mine), you love it!

So let’s talk about it!


Post-Orgasm Torture Hurts So Good!


Your Mistress has just allowed you an explosive orgasm after a long edging session. Why not show your gratitude for being allowed to cum by prolonging the intensity of the experience for as long as possible? Keep pounding for as long as you can after the last creamy white rope has erupted from the tip of your dick!

Or maybe nothing quite so intense? How about running a wartenberg wheel around and around the head right after you cum?

Yes it will be super-sensitive, but you won’t know whether it’s a punishment, a pleasure, or a mixture of both, until you try it!

I’ve described before how cbt makes some men aroused, or even makes them cum. It’s not that it doesn’t hurt, it’s that it hurts so good! You might be among them and not even know it!

Hell, if you’re used to having a short refractory period, post-ograsm torture may make you hard again for round two!

I bet the prospect of multiple orgasms intrigues you, if nothing else!

Good! Let’s continue.


Punishment and Penance


Okay, enough with the sweet stuff. You know it’s true. Whether you have a small penis, are a premature ejaculator, or guilty of some other failing, some of you are the only ones who get actual pleasure from your cocks. Maybe that’s okay with you, if you’re not a submissive. But if you are, you well know what I’m about to say:

Goddess Rachel wants you to try post-orgasm torture! 1-800-356-6169

Before it even left your underwear? You’ve gotta be kidding Me!

While your hand humping habit is preferable to bothering women with your literal or figurative shortcomings, masturbation is still a privilege for you. The primary purpose of what’s between your legs is to please womankind. if for one reason or another you can’t serve that purpose, you deserve some form of sexual humiliation punishment. Offering a mea culpa in some form after an undeserved orgasm, therefore, is appropriate.

Even if you only get off these days through masturbation, only kissless virgins can claim that they have never, at some point in life, disappointed some woman, somewhere. That, or used her in some way that isn’t appropriate for your stature. I’ve written before about pindicks who use pity to get pussy, for example.

Continuing to stroke when your cock is all sensitive, possibly to the point that it’s uncomfortable, is a quick and convenient method!

But maybe you’re not a tiny dicked, pre-ejaculating hand humper, and you still want to try it.

Surely I could tempt you to at least stick a toe in the water!

Let’s discuss one of the most common means of having you do so.


Experimenting with post-orgasm torture


I’ve often heard neophytes say, “Can’t I wait a little?”

Just until the sensitivity goes down a bit, right? Well, the thing about most men is that when they’re naked and needy, you can get them to do almost anything. But once they’ve cum, they lose all impetus to be compliant!

Too much of a break, and not only may you not get the full effect of post-orgasm torture, but you might not even be willing to try it at all!

And that would make Mistress Rachel sad.

You don’t want to make Me sad, do you?

Of course not. Pleasing your Mistress is important to you!

On the other hand, if your arousal tends to linger for a minute or two even after you’ve drained your balls, then sure, you could wait a few seconds. In fact, you could test out the different levels of intensity that come right after orgasm against those that happen a minute or two later. And a minute or two after that!

Hell, you might start with post-orgasm torture and find yourself entering into coerced orgasm territory!

I digress; let’s get back to methods!

Aside from continuing to stroke post-ejaculation, you can try flicking!

Start out by making the OK symbol with your thumb and index finger, aim the spot where the tips of those digits come together at a particular spot, and flick, as if you were trying to dislodge a pea that had somehow gotten stuck there. The glans and frenulum are good choices for this rough cock teasing!

Slapping is also a good method of experimentation. That’s something you can vary easily in terms of speed and intensity. Strike the underside of your cock, all the way up and down, with the aforementioned differing modes, and simply increase as you find your tolerance!

I’m always here to offer encouragement!


So, will you try it?


Or are you one of those aforementioned who are already fans of post-orgasm torture? If so, you are hereby ordered to share your favorite methods, how it feels, and why you like it!

Tell Me in the comments whether you will be trying it or not (with Me, of course), whether or not this is the first time you’ve heard of it, or this is simply a sign from the phone sex femdomme universe to try something you’ve already been curious about!

I’d also like to know which of the above reasons others may be interested in it inspired you most!

If you intend  to try it, tell Me if you’re already a fan of cbt, humiliation, or some other compatible kink.

Oh! And tell Me what method you think you might try first!

Happy Masturbation May, and keep on stroking–even after your orgasm!




Goddess Rachel