Hello Horny Readers! This is a bit of a reminder post for those of you who are curious about, or even anxious to achieve, a prostate orgasm. Probably aimed specifically at those of you who are greedy for pleasure and not necessarily submissive.


Because those of you who truly love to masturbate, love your orgasms, and pursue prostate orgasm mostly as a means of enriching your masturbatory life tend to find it hard to embrace orgasm denial of any kind. More than once, when I’ve told a nascent ass slut that he may need to lay off stroking for a while to reach the super o of his dreams, he balks.

What does orgasm denial have to do with prostate orgasm?

Let’s revisit some basic anatomy and physiology.

Ejaculate consists of sperm cells and a couple of different kinds of fluids secreted from a couple of different glands and vessels. One of these is prostate fluid. About a third of it, in fact.

When you stroke your cock, and approach orgasm, your prostate and the other glands and vessels prepare to make their contribution to your cum shot. So it stands to reason that if you repeatedly send the message that you’re going to cum, but don’t, these fluids will build, without going anywhere.

Well, eventually, some just gets reabsorbed, but the organ that produces it will swell both from buildup and exertion. And anything in your body that gets swollen is likely to be more sensitive.

Getting the picture?

When your slut spot gets more sensitive, assgasm is more likely.

Note that I say likely. Unfortunately, not every guy (or sissy) has a prostate that functions like the G-spot it has the potential to be. But from My experience, most of you do. It’s just that some of you need to enhance the natural pleasure potential of this organ as much as possible to make this happen.

Sometimes, edging isn’t enough. Sometimes edging plus chastity is the key. Especially if you’re a real horn-dog and love to masturbate as much as possible. The extended denial and teasing will both re-sensitize your fatigued capacity for pleasure in general, and make that slut spot swell up like a balloon!

That’s when O/ur anal training should begin, and when it has the most potential to result in making your slutty ass cum.



Miss Rachel, Anal Trainer


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