Hello, Horny Readers! You know, it’s really been brought home to Me how W/e never stop growing as people, not if W/e are open-minded. This is especially true of O/ur sexual selves. I’m always learning about new things that turn people on, and even if I don’t share their arousal, I’m intrigued. But more to the point, I find My own tastes changing a bit or deepening over time, sometimes inexplicably. Scent play is a good example of a kink about which I used to be indifferent, maybe even a little squicked out in some cases, but now I get a good giggle of enjoyment out of facilitating the kink for stink for the submissives who call Me to explore it!

Why was I formerly “squicked out” by scent play?

I’ve been asked before when I say “no” to a session or point a potential playmate to someone I think would better facilitate their kink, why I’m not interested. The answer used to be that I considered some aspects of scent play juvenile and rude to picture Myself facilitating. I like to think I’m relatively down to earth but still felt that sharing the natural yet unsavory functions of My body with another was degrading. And I like to do the degrading, not be degraded.

Why is scent play now okay with Me?

The simple fact is, My interest in degradation was the gateway to making it work.

One day I thought, hell, it’s kind of sexy to picture some degradation worm dazzled by the vision of My nice round bum and camel toe in a pair of tight panties approaching his face in slow motion, only to destroy his idyllic fantasizing with a nice loud fart letting him know what I had for breakfast. I mean, what business does he have thinking about My ass and pussy anyway? *giggle*

It’s not the farting that turns Me on, but the degradation, you see.  And there are some lowly lame-asses that get off on knowing that they should be grateful for anything they get from Me, including My flatulence!

Of course, scent play during ass worship doesn’t have to include farting.

There’s the simple smelling of My ass without flatulence involved that it seems far more submissives are into. Even that made Me wrinkle My nose in the past. But since I’m into face-sitting as a form of humiliation, it was a short hop, skip, and jump to think about the fact that a human stool is likely to be smelling My ass whether that was My intention or not.

Now, I’m a very clean woman, so at most My ass probably smells neutral, if a little salty and musky if I’ve been wearing clothes all day and it’s been a few hours since I had a shower, but I’m used to thinking of a slave feeling humiliation by being compelled to be aware of that. There are, however, some for whom this is not a punishment, but a reward. And hell, if it makes his denied cock swell that much more painfully in his chastity cage to be breathing in the scent of My butthole, well, all the better!

I guess letting you smell My pussy is a form of scent play I’ve always been into.

Or having you smell My panties.  I’ve always been able to relate to a submissive enjoying the smell of My pussy, or anything that’s been close to it, because I happen to find the scent of My pussy pleasant and erotic Myself! For some reason though, I never thought of it in terms of scent play, just part of pussy worship and cockteasing. In the past, I think I intellectually understood that scent play included the many of you who dream of inhaling the scent of My nectar, but erotically I always associated scent play with smelling things that most people would avoid.

Now, whether it’s something most people would enjoy or most wouldn’t, I can confidently say vive la différence!

Smell My feet and pits!

Now, this is one that I’m newly more open to, but that still makes Me giggle to contemplate. I work up a good sweat on a regular basis, but I still don’t tend to stink even then, not the way that men or more odiferous women do. Maybe that’s because I’m hairless from nose to toes most of the time and eat a diet heavy in fresh fruits and vegetables. But hell, if you want to pry off My sweaty sneakers and socks after a long run, and then spend some quality time with the musky piggies underneath, have at it! Use the shoes and socks themselves as masturbatory inspiration (but if you cum on them, you’re buying Me new ones)! Want to plaster your nose against My pungent pits?

Miss Rachel now says, go right ahead, scent piggy! *giggle*

Are you shy about your penchant for scent play?

Sure, it’s pretty kinky, but don’t be ashamed! When you think about it, W/e’re animals, just like all the other species on the Earth, and the response to scent used to be a lot more important to U/s than it is now. Scent helps a lot of animals understand their world. You may be the kind of animal who uses scent to understand your place in the sexual universe. Or maybe it just plain turns you on. Now you know that I understand those of you with a kink for stink a lot more than I did before, and you’re welcome to get in touch for some exploration and degradation!


Miss Rachel, your scent play Goddess!