It’s happened once again, playmates:  Miss Rachel’s penchant for late night documentary binges has turned Her schedule upside down!

Usually, as you all know, I’m available between 4pm and 4amEST.  This week, while I re-calibrate, it’s more like between 9pm and 1pmEST.

Once again, it’s a bonanza for those who’d love to play more, but who are only ever around in the early morning, or those in different time zones!

So, this week, hello early risers!  Let Me take control of that morning wood, or start your day off with a bracing dildo fuck!  Insomniacs and third-shifters, let’s have some overnight fun!  Hello there, U.K. and Europe!  Have a wank with Me at lunch!  India (I had no idea until recently how slutty you guys were!), work off some of your dinner with an intense session!  And Australia, I never quite know what time it is there (only half kidding), but call Me anyway so I can enjoy your accent while you cry out in orgasm, desperation, or pain!

To My regulars, I’ll try to have things back in order by next week!



Miss Rachel