Hello, Horny Readers! To be honest with you, I wasn’t sure what to call this post. To My knowledge, out of all of My playmates, only Pupslave and Alice Wonder have a sci-fi fetish. This, therefore, might turn out to be one of My least-read posts!

On the other hand, maybe I’ll be surprised!

I found the beginnings of it in My files, written way back in 2016!

I think it was intended to be the transcript for an audio. Something for Our audio store. I can imagine concluding that idea was untenable for one reason or another.

I thought, “Well, this is kind of fun!  Seems a shame not to do anything with it at all . . .”

So I decided to present it here. Sci-fi fetish or not, perhaps you’ll enjoy it! 

Feel free to suggest a title, too, though you may want to wait until the end (which will probably have an audio) to do that!

Without further ado . . .

Sci-Fi Fetish Title as Yet to be Determined

The year? 2300.

The place? The intergalactic ship Chastity, with a crew of 10 men.

Mission? The inexorable journey into the farthest reaches of the Universe.

The hope? Discovery of planets capable of supporting human life, or any intelligent life at all. 

The cosmonauts have been away for 100 Earth years, some spent in hyper-sleep. They were chosen not only for their physical, vocational, and psychological fitness, but because they were young and single, most with few close attachments at all. 

This didn’t make the choice to embark anxiety-free, however. If they were to ever return, not only would it likely be to an Earth they scarcely recognized, but also, chances were good that there would be no one left alive who knew them. Only the promise of unprecedented adventure, coupled with a wide swath of arrogance in the nature of each man, could convince them. Moreover, the exorbitant salary and perks, as well as the promise of fame that would last as long as humans lived, didn’t hurt.

The intergalactic ship Chastity

The fruit of entire careers’ worth of study and experimentation, over generations, had resulted in the creation of a biosphere on board. Correspondingly, all conceivable factors had been considered toward the cosmonauts’ survival and comfort. These provisions accounted for nutritional, medical, psychological, and sanitary needs in perpetuity.

Furthermore, since sexual needs were considered part of psychological and sanitary maintenance, the programming included an intuitive virtual reality system completely dedicated to keeping their sexual urges at bay. This system was programmed with an endless catalog of tastes. Everything from the most vanilla, to anticipated secret desires and obscure kinks. So advanced was the VR system that some of the men who tested it joked that the cosmonauts wouldn’t miss Earthly women at all.

The jewel in the crown of this miraculous vessel was the Rachel 5000, the brain of the ship.

Rachel, as the crew called her, was named for the brilliant, reclusive, and controversial scientist at the center of her creation. At the time of the mission launch, the Rachel 5000 was an unprecedented achievement in the field of AI. So successful at the time of her creation and demonstration was she that many were alarmed, suggesting that she was too intelligent. All the potential risks and hazards of AI were brought forth in discussions and debates all the way from religious citizen’s councils to the highest echelons of power.  

But in the end, the lust for exploration and discovery, the excitement over the possibility of other worlds, other life, drowned out the dissenters.

The secret dream of a diabolical scientist

And female supremacist, as it was whispered.

The data for all experiments would be collected silently by the Rachel 5000, and in order to preserve the integrity of the interpretation of some of the data, as well as to prevent its skewing by changes in behavior due to the knowledge of what had already been collected, some of it would be unavailable to the subjects.

Only to the Rachel 5000.

Unknown to the engineers who tested, examined, and updated, as best they could, the software that kept her running, unknown to the space agency, the army of lawyers on every side, and certainly unknown to the cosmonauts themselves, there was a hidden program built into her mainframe. It was never detected by some of the best scientists in the world. It was never intended to be. Not unless conditions were met in which it was programmed to execute.

And it was set to execute once a certain threshold was met in the data.

Specifically, data concerning the type of interactions the crew had with the VR.

Tune in in a few days for “nebulous sci-fi fetish story” part 2!

That’s where I’ll conclude part 1 of the Sci-fi fetish-story-as-yet-to-be-unnamed, horny readers!

Part 2 will come out sometime this week, and hopefully I won’t ramble on so that there will need to be a part 3!

I look forward to doing the audio . . .

Do you look forward to what may happen next?

Are you one of My as-yet-unknown Sci-fi fetishists?

Let Me know what you think and who you are in the comments!


Miss Rachel, budding sci-fi fetishist Femdom, perhaps?