Hello, Horny Readers! Yes, it’s been quite a while since I posted a blog. Those of you who have followed Me for a while might be sort of used to My occasional hiatuses by now. But for those who aren’t, well, sometimes I need a break to refresh My creative juices! But that also means that things have happened in the interim that I’ve neglected to tell you about. Like this situation I wrote about a few posts ago! I’m adept at seeing to it that many of My cock curious playmates end up seduced into cocksucking, but with some, I’m never sure they’ll end up following through!

But pussymouth did!

Remember him?

Pussymouth sucked cock!

I’m not even sure anymore if I should refer to pussymouth as “him”, since he added feminization to his cocksucking experience! And let Me tell you, that’s a big deal. Pussymouth has always fantasized about being a cocksucker, and W/e both spent a long time wrestling wills to get him to the point where he’d slurp like the bottom bitch s/he (I guess I’ve decided on terminology) was meant to be, and practiced to be. But s/he’d always expressed feminization as a place s/he’d never go! S/he seemed adamant, like the potential sexual humiliation aspect didn’t even arouse he/r, and I didn’t push because as manipulative as I might enjoy being, I do respect hard limits and boundaries. I think it had something to do with the fact that as overtly masculine as s/he is in appearance, s/he thought s/he just wouldn’t be able to get into it, to relax into the transformation.

But guess what?

The pro-Domme who arranged the cock for he/r specializes in dressing sissies and cross-dressers, as well as other aspects of Femdom, and She had he/r looking like a slutty lot lizard in front of that dick! And I mean that as a compliment! Slinky little black dress, messy honey blonde wig, lipstick for those DSL’s, and all!

How do I know this?

S/he sent Me the most debauched picture evidence as proof of follow-through, and it was amazing! I don’t know if I’ve ever been so proud and so amused all at once!

Seduced Into Cocksucking: A deluge of follow-through!

It seems as if pussymouth was the first in a line of the nascent cocksuckers I’ve been training to actually do the deed! As I’ve mentioned before, it’s one thing to fantasize about being seduced into cocksucking, and a whole other thing to actually do it!

Some boys (and sissies) wish to have their cocklust remain part of a world of fantasy W/e weave together, and I’m utterly fine with that. If you can get your kicks from femdom phone sex fantasy only, well, I can too! But I won’t pretend that I don’t use that fantasy realm to mindfuck a cockslut into desiring more. I just plant the seeds and let them germinate or not, as they will.

But after pussymouth, suddenly I was hearing from several of these fantasy mouth-fucks who told Me they got a wild hair and visited the gloryhole or hit up Grindr and made total oral whores of themselves!

Well, I mean, I believe that the Femdom Universe has its own physics, perhaps some that W/e don’t understand, just like the other Universe. So maybe pussymouth was the cork in some dam holding all of them back, and once s/he gave, well, it became a cocksucker monsoon!

Hey, I’m great with that. You know how much I love to hear about cocksucker fantasies coming to fruition!

Congratulations, pussymouth! And all of you cocksuckers who lived up to your designation and destiny! Here’s to many more!

And if you want to be seduced into cocksucking, either in fantasy or reality, please do get in touch! As you can see, I’ve got a pretty good success rate!


Miss Rachel, Cocksucker Seductress


P.S.  Here’s a little off-topic news for those of you coming to this post from Twitter.  I’m currently locked out of My main Twitter account while Twitter decides whether or not a Dominatrix is allowed to upbraid a humiliation slave with abusive language.  It’s been a week and counting!  Come join Me on My auxillary account @RachelEmpress!  I’ll still keep the old one, and hopefully be allowed to return to it soon, but meanwhile, add Me there to keep up with what’s on My dirty mind!