Hello, Horny Readers! Happy Spring! The sun is out, and feels stronger than just weeks ago here in the Great White North of the United States. I feel as if I’m coming back to life in a lot of ways. I suppose that’s natural, and that many of you feel the same way if Winters are long and harsh where you are as well. As skin becomes more exposed, and W/e all wake along with the Earth from the deep sleep, W/e stretch and get the circulation moving in more ways than one. It’s a good time to include kink in that stretch, to try new things, and take advantage of the tingle in your re-invigorated skin–via sensation play, for example!

Is this just Miss Rachel’s delicate way of talking about pain play? Is that diabolical Domme trying to lure more of us into being pawns for the satisfaction of Her sadistic streak by using a polite term for impact play?

Well . . . not . . . exactly.  *smile*

I mean, that’s partly true, but the point is, if you’re curious about pain play or impact play, but you’re scared, sensation play is a great way to start. If you don’t know what your capacity is for pain (or where your boundaries lie, for that matter), it’s not a good idea to leap right in anyway. At the same time, I’d hate to have you miss out because you feel compelled to go full bore right off the bat.

So, what is sensation play anyway?

Sensation play, just like it sounds, is simply the exploration of the sense of touch in the context of sex play. You try different types of stimulation, and different levels of intensity, to see what you like, what’s neutral, and what you don’t like. Usually, focusing on an area you already experience as an erogenous zone is the easiest way to start. Then, you run through the different types of sensation you can experience on that part.

I define the different types of sensation as temperature, pressure, and texture.

Let’s take nipples, for example. Maybe you already know that your nipples are sensitive, and that you like to play with them, tease them, or have them sucked. Maybe you’re curious about more aggressive play with your nipples, but know you’re not ready to jump into a pair of alligator nipple clamps with weights hanging from the chain that connects them.

Experimentation never hurt anyone!

Experiment with temperature. What does circling those nipples with ice cubes do for you? How about warm wax? How about hot wax?

Experiment with pressure. You like to tease them. Try pinching them. Lightly. Then harder. Does

Want swollen nipples? Click the pic!

it hurt in a way that detracts from your arousal, or does it hurt so good? You like having them sucked. Why not get yourself some suction cups, and see just how much suction you like, and if the wetness of a mouth makes a difference? Once they’re all swollen, does it change the way you react to other stimulation?

Experiment with texture. Maybe once your nipples are already aroused (and probably your cock is, too), what happens when you drag a piece of silky fabric across them? How about a feather? How about the bristles of a hairbrush? Does it make a difference if you pat your nipples with the bristles, versus circling or pressing?

“What if I find out sensation play is all I want . . .

And I don’t like pain play at all?

That’s okay, tease toy! You’ve still learned something more about yourself, and perhaps enhanced your masturbatory experience just the same!

It’s even okay if you determine that neither sensation play nor pain play do anything for you, no matter where you try it. Yes, admittedly, I love it when a submissive finds out that whether physically or psychologically they enjoy a little pain, but it’s certainly not essential to My controlling or even humiliating you.

My point is, if you are interested, you don’t have to dive in head first. Just stick your toe in the water. I’m happy to explore with you in session, and I promise I won’t shove you into the depths from behind!


Miss Rachel, Sensation Play Siren with a Sadistic Streak!


P.S.: Would you like to listen to Me read this post? Feel free to press play below!