Hello, Horny Readers! You know, men have it tough in the dating game. In spite of advances in gender equality, the burden of initiation still falls largely on them. Men are still the ones expected to approach a woman in whom they’re interested. This means even plausibly fuckable men have to get used to lots of rejection. Cruel rejection at times, yes, but I would think that the sting of sensual humiliation from a gentle letdown can be even more acute.

Is that where it started for you?

It’s a good thing humiliation makes some of you hard. For the fan of sensual humiliation, the dating game must be a breeze!

Sensual humiliation versus cruel humiliation

No matter what activity, identity, or object you can imagine, there is almost always someone it arouses. I’m not surprised that some get sexual satisfaction from pain, but I still find certain forms of erotic pain play intriguing. Take gut-punching, for example (yes, there are some men who like being punched in the stomach). I’m sure it’s related in some way to ballbusting in terms of the satisfaction it brings.

Cruel humiliation is akin to ballbusting for the mind and spirit, meant to crush you. Meant to bring you to your knees. Sensual humiliation is more like a gut punch. It makes you cringe and fold a bit (depending on how weak your literal or figurative guts are), and also offers you the further humiliation of trying to pretend it didn’t hurt so bad as you stumble away to lick your wounds.

The rejection you receive from someone who doesn’t necessarily hate you must feel like that.

Sensual humiliation and the Friend Zone

She’s so nice to you, or at least the fact that she doesn’t beat you away from her with a stick seems so nice. The two of you share lots of interests, and she’s so pretty! Your gut is churning nervously, because you know she’s well above your paygrade. Or maybe the saddest part is that you don’t know. You’d love to go out with her, maybe in your wildest dreams for her to be your girlfriend, to be allowed to with her at least some of the things that populate your slutty imaginings.

You screw up your courage and approach, and she greets you warmly, as always. Then you confess and watch her smile falter momentarily before she recovers, and begins to let you down easy.

Oh yes, she’s nice about it, if condescendingly sweet, but you are nauseous with shame. None of her explanations are direct, but you know what they all amount to–that she would never, in a million years, fuck you.

“I hope we can still be friends,” she says, giving you the same hesitant pat she would an adorable puppy . . . with parvo.

Some of you would experience the above with all the shame intact, concealing a massive hardon at the same time.

Maybe there are other scenarios that come to your mind when you think of your curious reaction to sensual humiliation. I’d love to hear about them, and dispense some Myself in a nice role play! Because just as your shame is tinged with arousal, My compassion is tinged with schadenfreude, and My empathy with sadism!

Sound harrowing? And fun?

You can admit it to Me!

Enjoy this little mix of Miss Rachel letting you down easy. Consider it foreplay to O/ur next sensual humiliation call!


Miss Rachel, for both cruel and sensual humiliation fantasies!