FYI, this is 30 additional per cent off the price you see listed, through the 14th! But if you get one, you have to promise to hump it on webcam for Me! Click the pic if interested!

Hello, Horny Readers! I love playing with sex toys, obviously, and I love recommending the ones I like best! But I also like simply window shopping! When I indulge the latter, I often think of those of you I’ve trained, teased, and tormented over the years. Sometimes I think about Femdom kink in general, and imagine the different scenarios in which a particular toy could be useful.

Dildos are pretty self-explanatory, but some of the more obscure sex toys out there sometimes fascinate Me more!

I was looking at Stockroom’s most recent sale, to see if any of My recommendations were included, and came across the item to the right.

My mind immediately began to percolate with questions and ideas!

As far as sex toys go, that one is brimming with possibilities!

Something tells Me O/ur play would have to involve erotic humiliation of some sort. It’s not that fucking or wanting to fuck a t-girl is humiliating in any way, but more that in other scenarios involving t-girls, it’s usually a bi-curious bottom-boy looking to find himself on the business end of a great big she-cock. Generally, at least with regard to the fantasies I facilitate in Femdom phone sex, submissives aren’t looking to be the one doing the penetrating.

Well wait a minute . . .

I guess a subbie whose little stiffy gets all throbby under the onslaught of small penis humiliation might fill that molded ass with jizz if I coerced him to hump it because he’s not worthy of a live pussy or ass. It’s kind of an elevation of the idea of pillow-humping I sometimes prescribe for the same deficit!

And I suppose sex toys like this can always be used for orgasm edging. “Hump away, but you’d better not cum!”

Or perhaps if a denial pet does have an unauthorized orgasm, what if I made them eat the cream pie out of a synthetic hole? *giggle*

What do you think? How would a unique sex toy like this factor into your sex play? What are the sex toys that you might not ever buy, but that enliven your fantasies to look at or contemplate?

Just a short and whimsical little post today, but feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments just the same!


Miss Rachel, a slut for good and interesting sex toys!  *giggle*


P.S.:  Listen in below if you’d like to hear about My favorite ass toy!