Hello, Horny Readers! Way back at the beginning of the pandemic, I suggested to many of you that SexyTexting, or “sexting”, was a great quarantine alternative to the traditional phone sex session. Privacy was at a premium for many of you. For some of you, it still is. Since then, some of you have shared that sexting is still a challenge. You find it hard to get uninterrupted alone time to sit in one place with your cock in one hand and your keyboard under the other . So, lately I’ve been suggesting E-mail sessions!

What’s the difference between sexting and E-mail sessions?

Read on and find out!

Sexting is immediate.

Obviously, when you arrange for a sexting session, it should proceed at the same pace as a regular conversation–perhaps a bit slower to allow for typing time. But generally, it should be similar to any other session, except conducted with text rather than voices.

An E-mail arrangement allows you to respond when you have the time and privacy to do so. You can consume Mistress’ sexy communique at your leisure, all in one go.

E-mail sessions are versatile.

Sexting sessions generally follow the same procedure: You purchase the amount of time you’d like to chat, and you and I proceed. Sexy communication is off the cuff, conjured in the moment.

E-mail sessions can be a bit more carefully-crafted. Why?

With E-mail sessions, you and I can discern ahead of time how many E-mails you’d like to receive, how long you’d like each E-mail to be, and whether you’d like images or links to relevant materials included. W/e can even schedule what time of day you’d like to get them.

And what if you could have short erotic audios included so you don’t miss Mistress’ voice too much?

W/e can determine whether each E-mail will stand alone, or if My replies as part of an ongoing conversation will count toward the E-mails you’d like to receive. And E-mail sessions are perfect for the administration of assignments; there they’ll be in writing, for you to refer back to as you complete them.

That means there’s one less excuse for failing to follow through on those humiliation assignments! When you see them written down before you in black and white, you can’t claim you forgot, can you?  *giggle* Not to mention that it’s an ideal arrangement for sending proof!

Lastly, the prices for sexting minutes are set. You and I can discuss O/ur own prices with E-mail sessions, determined by the customizable options outlined above.

Would you like to try an E-mail arrangement?

If so, the first thing to do is E-mail Me: Rachel@enchantrixempire.com.

Then, W/e can get to know each other a bit if it’s the first time W/e’re meeting, and then discuss all the relevant details.

Once W/e’ve done that, you can visit this page, place your order, and W/e can begin!

One of the things that I’d like to think sets the LDW Enchantrix Empire above the rest is Our versatility. There are so many ways that you can get your horny, kinky Femdom fix! Sure, for most there’s no substitute for the voice to voice interplay with your Mistress as the two of you explore your slutty desires, but when you simply can’t make that happen, necessity is the mother of invention!

Or maybe that should be the Femdomme of invention! *giggle*


Goddess Rachel, Your E-mail and Sexting Companion