Hello, Horny Readers!  Today, I’m writing especially to My sissies, namely those who know they are sissies at heart, but have not fully given themselves to sissification transformation.  

Sissy, a new year is almost upon U/s. That makes it a perfect time to resolve that you’re going to surrender to your sissification desires. We’ve talked many times about how you long to give in to the submissive feminine part of you. You’ve tried many times to rid yourself of these urges. Maybe you’ve purged your closet of lots of pretty things, painstakingly selected, thinking that you were purging your mind at the same time. But it didn’t work, did it? When you think about feminization, whether on your own or guided by a Mistress, your clitty gets hard in your panties. Increasingly, it’s the only time it does.

Now if you read that, and felt as if I somehow had hidden cameras in your life or an entree into your very brain, that should be enough to tell you it’s true. And if you can’t stop your sissification cravings, if they’re disrupting your dreams at night, and images of pretty things and submissive scenarios flash through your head all day, you’re already helpless.  In 2017, I want you to give in.

Smart Sissification Surrender

I know, I know. You have all kinds of reasons for not taking that first step, or retracing steps you’ve already made and tried futilely to forget. Maybe it’s not that you feel guilty, but that you are afraid of being exposed. Are you afraid of people in your life finding out that the person they know as a man is really a frilly femme in he/r heart of hearts?  Well then, you just have to get cagey about it.  You just have to do the subtle things that scratch that itch, but keep discretion in place.  The important thing is not how far you go, but that you go.

The world is an uncertain place, and these are uncertain times. Wouldn’t it be better to have one day where you’re completely your sissy self, completely surrendered, than to have never embraced your fantasies fully?

You know I’m always here to support, advise, and yes, even coerce you into making changes and sticking to them, in the new year and beyond!