Hello, Horny Readers! My kinky pastime with you is fantasy, and virtual. But some of you partake in your kinks and fetishes in the flesh as well. Sometimes you tell Me about it, and give Me permission to share it with others. Sissy Slut Samantha, one of the most insatiable cocksluts I know, “gets around” quite a bit, and shared this recollection of a sissy adventure with Me.
Sissy adventure? Don’t mind if s/he does! 
Shared with permission, so enjoy!

I had business reasons to be in Denver fairly frequently over the space of a few years a few years ago.

I discovered a dominatrix there who recognized on my first visit with her that I am a very serious sissy and an enthusiastic slut. She told me to plan and prepare for a big adventure on my next trip to Denver. She instructed me to add a day to my next trip, provide her with the money to make some arrangements for various services, and leave everything else to her.

I arrived at my hotel midday. Her designated taxi driver picked me up around 2:00 pm and took me to an old fashioned beauty parlor where the owner and her staff were expecting me. They took my clothes and dressed me in a smock my Mistress had provided, then gave me a pedicure and manicure, fitted me with a black wig, and did my makeup in 100% streetwalker whore style.

Pampered sissy, punished sissy, humiliated sissy!

The driver showed up just as they finished with me. He took me and my bag of clothes in my smock to Mistress’ dungeon. She greeted me, evaluated my matching red nail polish and lip gloss, and removed the smock so that I was completely naked. Then she cuffed my wrists and ankles and secured me to an upright frame with spreader bars between my hands and feet. [Sounds like a St. Andrews Cross]
For about 30 minutes She alternated between flogging me and hanging weighed clamps on my nipples, cock, and balls until I promised complete obedience to Her every whim at all times. Finally, She dressed me in thong-style panties, a corset with garters, hose, and high heels. The finishing touch was a short skirt just long enough to cover the cheeks of my sweet ass.

The Sissy Adventure Continues with a Touch of Public Humiliation!

Again, the driver showed up just as Mistress finished dressing me. Then She revealed that he was taking me to a gay bath house operated by a friend of Hers named Danny. The driver would drop me at the corner one block from the bath house and I would have to walk back to the bath house in my sexy outfit. Once inside, I was to obey Danny in every detail, just as I would my Mistress. Danny would use me at the bath house for several hours after which he would release me and the driver would pick me up from the corner where he dropped me.
By this time, I was giddy with excitement and a little “punch drunk” from being in subspace so long. The driver drove past the bath house and to the next corner, letting me out. At the last minute, he said Mistress wanted me to stand on the corner for at least five minutes before going to the bath house. He would watch from a distance to validate my obedience and flash his headlights when I was free to go in.
The street was a thoroughfare and lots of cars passed while I stood there in my streetwalker’s attire. I thought constantly about what I would say if someone stopped to inquire about my services or “check out” the merchandise. Finally, the car lights flashed and I went to the door of the bath house where I learned that Danny had been watching me from the window. He loved the show!

Captive Slave Sissy gets used!

For the next two or three hours I was nothing but a fuck toy for the pleasure of Danny and the clients of his spa. First things first. Danny took me to a room with a padded table and fucked me really good, alternating between my ass and mouth until he finally blew his load into my mouth. He immediately commanded that I swallow every drop of his cum and every other load of cum produced in my presence, an order I was glad to follow.
Next, Danny cuffed and chained me to a fucking bench in the basement near the peep shows and several BDSM theme rooms. He had a member of his staff stand next to me with a large bottle of lube inviting clients to fuck me as much as they might like. I was there for almost an hour. The number of cocks in my ass had to exceed a dozen. Finally, Danny came and took me to the TV lounge which was a major pass through for all traffic between floors and around the main floor. He had a sign posted on the wall advertising “blowjobs for all cummers” and had arranged the chairs to watch me suck cocks rather than the TV. He put me on my knees and told me to beg each man that passed by to let me suck his cock. I know at least a dozen men fucked my mouth that evening, maybe a half dozen giving me their cum.

Scrape off those cum facials and on to the next stop in this Sissy Adventure!

Then Danny got me from my blowjob station and freshened up my makeup. My Mistress was sending the driver and I was to go back out to my corner and wait for him. I was exhausted. I needed a shower. But I was exhilarated. I got to the corner and remembered the whole “five minute” thing and, sure enough, I stood there in my shirt skirt and corset for at least five minutes before the driver appeared. A couple cars slowed down to look at me and one actually turned around to come back for a second look, but none spoke to me.
I got into the taxi and noticed a bag on the back seat next to me. The driver said the bag contained my clothes, wallet, cell phone, etc. and that his instructions were to take me back to my hotel. I was at once horrified and over-the-top excited. I said nothing, letting this just “happen to me”.

Sissy Slut at rest.


The taxi pulled up the drive to this major hotel at a time when many folks were coming back from dinner. There were plenty of people milling around in the drive. My senses were “blown”. I got out of the taxi with my bag in hand, having taken my room key out of my wallet. Walking across the drive, I could feel all eyes on me – a whore? – wait, a cross dresser? – wait, a cross dressing whore?
The lobby had plenty of people too. I walked past the front desk, waiving my room key to forestall any questions. I walked straight into an open elevator and discovered another hotel guest already there. Then I pressed the button for my floor and looked at her. “Have fun tonight?” she said. Before I could answer, the doors opened and she was gone. I got to my room and fell across the bed completely exhausted. I called my Mistress and reported to her on all activities at the bath house and hotel, thanking her profusely for an incredible sexual sissy adventure.
Thank you, Samantha, for sharing your slutty and exhilarating sissy adventure with U/s all!
Did you enjoy it, pets? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, or share your own slssy adventures!
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