Hello, Horny Readers! I gotta tell ya, I am having a lot of fun on the phone these days (the warm weather brings some of the kinky out of hibernation, I guess)! Recently, the fun I had was with the most dainty yet slutty sissy housewife!

I decided to name her Daisy after I got to know he/r; the name just seemed to fit. He/r manner and desires around gender role reversal in a Femdom dynamic were so throwback demure, reminiscent of the idealized 50’s, that I thought s/he should have an equally throwback name (well, Daisy might be more appropriate for the turn of the 19th Century than the middle of it, but, it still fit in My mind).

Daisy came to Me with not much more than he/r natural, soft-spoken and submissive manner, and the desire to play with gender role reversal in this way. This framework left Me just enough of a lead to enable Me to describe the relationship and direct he/r actions in session in such a way that s/he experienced what sounded like an extremely satisfying panty-creaming at the end.

What’s the difference between a sissy housewife, and a sissy husband?

To My mind, a sissy husband doesn’t necessarily have to experience the bulk of their feminization and erotic humiliation domestically. A sissy husband can still have an outside job, even a stereo-typically manly one. It’s just that his wife may have him wear panties and a chastity cage under his business casual, or even perhaps dress completely en femme as soon as he walks in the door. Even if he has chores at home, the focus of the sissy husband is usually the sissification.

A sissy housewife, however, is defined by feminization coupled with all of the lost arts of domestic servitude and submission to he/r partner, whether a Real Man or a Mistress Husband. He/r self-concept and conduct, as well as the dynamic between the two of them, is based around ideas of what a wife was often advised to be in years gone by. In Daisy’s case, this domestic bliss was spiced up with a kinky, slutty twist.

Sissy housewife Daisy’s Duties and Dress.

First, I described he/r daily wear, which included the retro-style flesh-toned stockings with garters, control-top panty girdle, Maidenform bullet bra, a fit-and-fluted day dress with a few crinolines underneath for shape, and a pair of sensible three-inch heels. He/r makeup was to be minimal and tasteful, and he/r hair would always need to be done at the parlor in some form of a wash and set.

Of course he/r grooming would have to be top-notch, and geared toward keeping he/rself, well, fresh as a Daisy–pleasant-smelling soaps and moisturizers and hairless from nose to toes.

Click on the photo to get your pretty-in-pink clitty cage!

S/he would be kept in chastity of course, because as demure and anxious to please as a good old fashioned sissy housewife might be, sissies are slutty by nature. If left to he/r own devices, Daisy might waste away a whole day sitting on the couch with a box of bon bons, he/r soap operas, and masturbation. This won’t do; he/r Mistress/Husband would want to come home to a hot meal, a clean house, a cocktail, and His/Her sissy housewife fresh, cheerful . . .

And ready to have the sissy cream fucked out of he/r.

The old practice of domestic discipline should be brought back for the training of a sissy housewife!

Again, this hearkens back to a time long before the 50’s, but did you know that it used to be common for a husband to spank his wife for transgressions and attitude adjustment? In some places in the world and within some religious factions, it still is!

I acknowledge the fact that some women, both within the world of kink and outside of it, are submissive, and enjoy or at least accept domestic discipline as part of their relationship. As for Me, any man who even thinks what’s between his legs entitles him to police My behavior, much less by force, had better sleep with one eye open. *smile*

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary and helpful to correct and train One’s sissy housewife so that s/he can become the best little feminized domestic goddess and fuck doll possible. Daisy had a whole world of dreams for what O/ur session could be, but s/he was remarkably unprepared! This occasioned a disciplinary spanking with the same wooden spoon s/he would use to stir Me up a lovely cake.

A sissy housewife needs encouragement and reward as much as discipline.

As O/ur time together drew to a close, sissy housewife Daisy had a firm grasp of My expectations, had taken correction without much sniveling, and through it all, maintained he/r fetching submissiveness and eagerness to please. This earned he/r the privilege of release from he/r chastity cage and the aforementioned orgasm as he/r Mistress Husband fucked he/r by proxy, with first fingers, and then a deliciously buzzing vibrator.

So, all’s well that ends well. At the end of the day, a sissy housewife wants no more in life than pretty clothes, a clean house, the approving smile of he/r Mistress/Husband . . .

And a good, stiff fucking.

Do you aspire to be a sissy housewife? Tell Me about your ideal life as a domesticated and feminized sissy!



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