Hello, Horny Readers! I acknowledge that there are many different kinds of sissies. To My mind, however, there are two constants in sissyhood, no matter what other variables might be in place: feminization, and submission. Among sissies who love cock, and consider it part of their sissy identity to be cock-servicers, there are those whose feminization is aimed at making themselves attractive to Real Men, and their main submission is to Real Men. Okay so far. But some of these cockslut sissies compare themselves favorably to Real Women, and even suggest that they are better. [Insert record scratch sound here.] A good dose of sissy humiliation is needed to put these gurls in their rightful place. Now then, let’s dispel a few delusions, shall W/e?

Delusion #1: Real Men prefer sissies to Real Women.

Gurls, here are the facts: Yes, there are a small number of men who prefer sissies to Real Women, especially those who have made remarkable progress with their feminization, but this number is very, very small. That’s just reality. And among this small number, most prefer sissies to Real Women because sissies, being failed males, often still have the libido and lack of impulse control in sexual matters that characterizes the standard male. They are willing to be–and I daresay are even aroused by being–treated in ways that Real Women usually won’t tolerate due to self-respect.

Another portion of these men likes everything about women, but has a kink for cock which the feminization of a sissy allows them to explore. This throws a little wrench in things when most cockslut sissies I know are bottoms, and don’t want their clitties stimulated at all. Furthermore, to a man with such tastes, you usually aren’t better, or even as good. You are usually simply good enough.

It’s a necessary piece of sissy humiliation for gurls to absorb the fact that the feminine wiles of Real Women will always attract the overwhelming majority of Real Men, no matter how slavishly a feminized fuckslut throws he/rself at his crotch.

Delusion #2: Sissies are better at being women than Real Women.

Sweetie, the sissy humiliation reality is that you may be better at being a caricature of femme than a real femme, but then, the mystic attractions of Real Womanhood are about more than how well you simulate a blowup doll. You may be better at appealing to the basest instincts of mankind, but that doesn’t mean you should compare yourself to a Real Woman, at all. Better at being women? No. Better at being a cum dump? I’ll give you that. Have at it!

Delusion #3: Sissy Pussy is better at pleasing cock than Real Pussy.

Bitch, please.

The most recent reason I heard for this is because a sissy pussy is supposedly tighter and has more muscle control. I guess feminization can’t hide everything, namely the typical male ignorance about female anatomy.

Both respond well to Kegels, but vagina is much more amenable to muscular training than the ass pussy. If your ass pussy is tighter (at first), the reality is that it’s because it’s not specifically made to be forced open the way you do. Girl pussy is made to accept and to stimulate cock. Ass pussy can be made to do it. Think about the difference between those two sentences. I think some of you gurls are thinking back to how loose a vagina felt around your undersized clitty.

Gurls, Real Womanhood is something you can choose to emulate, and should definitely respect. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t have the inspiration for your dreams without Us. Even if your main goal is to submit to a Real Man, you only look pathetic when you make foolhardy assertions like the above. Sissy humiliation training dictates that you are a sissy because you’re no good at being a man, and will never be a Real Woman, either. Contentment can be found in embracing your place, but that place will never be above Exalted Womanhood.