Hello, Horny Readers!  Especially you femme gurls! This is your sissy Mistress Rachel, and I’m issuing you an invitation to the fulfillment of a fantasy the thought of which you’ve probably rubbed your clitty to at least once: A sissy and Mistress slumber party(and movie night)!

Oh I know, just as all sissies don’t necessarily enjoy cock, or wear the frilly sissy throwback satin party dresses with puffy sleeves and crinolines, not all sissies fantasize about being treated as “one of the gurls” alongside Mistress, doing the things that being trapped in boy-tropes all their lives never allowed them to experience.

But I know plenty of you do!  And now is your chance!

No, W/e wont all be in the same physical space, but W/e’ll all be in the same psychological space, with girly chat and gossip, snacks, cute and sexy pj’s, and a movie W/e’ll watch together! Just you, your sissy sisters, and 9 Mistresses!

How, you ask, can this magical sissy dream come true?

Read on!

Mark your Hello Kitty calendars! Sissy Mistress Slumber Party on March 19! 

That gives you plenty of time to:

  • Join Our group on Enchantrix Empire so W/e can share the anticipation together!
  • Pick out your comfy and girly loungewear and sexy nighties
  • Envision your movie and chat nest (your bed with stuffed animals? A pile of satin pillows on the living room floor convenient for nestling and pillow humping both?
  • Add refreshments to your grocery list (I’m going with cocoa spiked with rum and topped with whipped cream)
  • Decide how far into the slumber party spirit you want to get and prepare accordingly (gonna put your hair up in rollers? Shall W/e paint our nails?  Make sure you’ve got your mani-pedi supplies!)!

And of course it also gives you plenty of time to sign up!  The catch is, you’ve got to make your sissy Mistress slumber party reservation by March 10!

What’s the movie? Can we be naughty? Where will this take place?

The movie will remain a surprise, but W/e promise you’ll enjoy it.  It’s got everything a gurl likes–romance, comedy, cute boys (well, at least one) . . .

Maybe you’ll have already seen it, but it’s a classic.  You won’t mind watching it again!

It’ll take place on Discord. That’s another thing you can do right now if you don’t have it already–get it downloaded and installed.  As party time approaches, you’ll be sent a link that will take you to Our server, but meanwhile, you can poke around and get used to things.  Add Me there, because W/e can have Sexy Texting sessions, and you can put on cam shows for Me there, too! My username there is GoddessRachel#6722!

Now as for the sexy fun: well there will plenty of that organically, simply because sissies tend to be slutty! As long as you’re discrete about it, and don’t disrupt the general viewing pleasure of the group, there will be plenty of opportunity to have fun in more than one way!

In fact, if you have a Lovense toy, I’ll be happy to randomly and briefly tease you with it throughout the party!  Don’t have one? Well, that’s another thing you should have plenty of time to do right now–follow the link provided, and buy one! The Gush in particular seems convenient to wrap around your clitty down in your panties and await My teasing impulses! Or make sure any (discrete) sexy toy you might want to bring is in full working order!

Take a look at this post by the delightful Mistress Ruby for the full details!

I hope to see you there, gurls!


Goddess Rachel, Sissy Mistress