Want Me to put a name on that sash? Be patient!

Hello, Horny Readers! Just a short little post today, as the subject has come up often enough that I thought I’d write up a PSA of sorts. I like enthusiasm in a feminization pupil, but sometimes the first thing a gurl asks is that I name he/r. I’ve often received this request before W/e’ve even had a session! If you come to Me with a favorite sissy name in tow, that’s great! That means you’ve already surrendered to your submissive, femme alter ego to a degree. But if there’s something special about your feminization Mistress naming you, you must understand that the way I choose sissy names is part inspiration, part information.

Inspiration for sissy names

. . . comes in part from spending time with you in session, hearing your voice, sometimes seeing what you look like in your male state, and then imagining all the ways I could feminize you. Inspiration also comes from intangibles, like the chemistry and flow that hopefully develops between U/s.

And there’s really no predictable timetable for it. If you’ve got your heart set on Mistress Rachel naming you, you can’t expect it to happen by the end of the first session. That’s not to say it absolutely won’t, just that you shouldn’t expect it.

Be prepared to be patient, gurls. Participate, don’t anticipate.

Information also helps in the choosing of sissy names!

I need to know what kind of sissy you are: demure or slutty, a sissy lesbian (into women/other sissies), or a cock slut for real men, a sharp but obedient sissy maid, or a sissy bimbo who can rub just enough brain cells together to do what s/he’s told, or the incorrigible sissy that I won’t be training so much as observing. I need to know if you’re looking for a mean-girl bff, a platonic confidante, or a strict humiliatrix. If you’re a combination of some or all of those, I need to be able to discern that, and all attendant nuances, as well!

And of course, if you have particular kinks or triggers, knowing those can help. I recently made the acquaintance of a sissy who enjoyed being humiliated for he/r tiny clitty in addition to feminization. With the inspiration and information in place, I quickly dubbed he/r “Bitsy”! He/r moans of submission, humiliation, and arousal were evidence that My instincts and discernment had resulted in a name that was spot on for he/r, and felt right to Me as well!

In conclusion, potential sissy pets, know that I’m happy to name you, but that there are ingredients that go into doing so, and that it’s rarely, if ever, an automatic process.


Miss Rachel, for sissy names, and most things feminization!


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