This should be a fun post!  I love shoes, and I’ve grown to love Tumblr.  One of the reasons is because of the posts I’ve gotten to enjoy from the Women Shoe Daily account, among others. I see lots of shoes I’d wear of course, but I also very much enjoy the shoes I see that I wouldn’t wear, but that I think are perfect for a sissy. All the shoes in this post are pink, yes, but that’s not to say that I think sissies should only wear pink shoes, or that only sissies should wear pink shoes.  It is true, however, that I think pastel colors are best in a feminization situation, at least as a sissy starts out. So, let’s have some fun!  Which are your perfect sissy shoes?

It doesn’t matter whether or not your feminization fantasies are still only in your head, or you’ve significantly transformed toward the sissy gurl you always dreamed of being.  My aim for this post is for all crossdressers and sissies to vote, via the comments section, on which type of sissy shoes go best with the type of gurl they are, or want to be some day. When you think of yourself fully feminized, which pair of shoes screams you?

Longtime readers might remember My post regarding the way that choosing the right shoes is one of the main aspects of cementing all of your gurl-y dreams.  Consider this a companion post, and immerse yourself into the sissy shoe bondage discussed there!

Yes, some of them have a bit of editorializing included with the photo, but don’t let that influence your choice.  Just because you may not have any cocksucking fantasies, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose the sluttiest shoes.  And if there are another pair of sissy shoes you like better, feel free to post a link to them in the comments, or send a link to Me via E-mail!  I may just feature them, and you (discretely), in a future post!

Ready?  Go!