Hello, Horny Readers! I’ve been truly gratified this sunny season, with all the new playmates and tease toys who have come My way! I will likely write about all of them at some point, but I realized I hadn’t written anything for and regarding My sissies in a while. I’ll start, therefore, with a new gurl who has come to Me for sissy training. W/e have discovered the type of chemistry that promises a long and fruitful relationship for both of U/s. I thought I would write a bit about My plans for he/r, and what makes he/r the type of sissy trainee I truly enjoy!

Eager versus needy in sissy training

I love a neophyte sissy who is eager. It’s important, however, to distinguish between eager and needy. An eager sissy is eager not only to experience, but to submit.

I’m not saying that “need” is universally unwelcome. It’s just that there are different ways of expressing it. Some are welcome, some are tolerated in limited amounts, and some are discouraged.

For example, I understand and enjoy the whining of a sissy who is getting used to the confines of he/r clitty cage, whether in session or via the occasional E-mail. It tips over into unwelcome territory, however, when those E-mails range into multiple paragraphs more than once or twice a week, and/or result in a sissy tantrum (resulting in sissy punishment or even exile) if I don’t reply to every single one.

Basically, neediness in sissy training, or any Femdom training really, can be a means of topping from the bottom. A demand for attention that seeks to control the Mistress, rather than submitting to control. It can be a badgering and bullying thing rather than alluring and exciting eagerness.

My new sissy hits just the right spot! S/he comes to Me with a fertile imagination and a creative mind. Where s/he has boundaries, s/he communicates them clearly, and yet looks forward to having them expanded. S/he understands and respects My boundaries as well.

But s/he is most definitely hungry. So hungry to become more and more femme. Hungry to be allowed to cum and to be denied. Hungry for play involving he/r sissy pussy and slut spot. The right kind of eager.

S/he is eager, most of all, to be controlled and directed, even when the result is temporary deprivation of he/r considerable sexual desires!

He/r sissy sexual desires . . . 

Of course I won’t reveal everything, because S/he is a reader of My blog (Hi Jamie!), and I always encourage My subbies to participate rather than anticipate. I’ll simply talk about where W/e’re starting, and where I’ve revealed to He/r W/e will likely go!

Jamie came to Me with a sissy persona already in tact, hence he/r name. I love to name sissies, but it’s equally encouraging when they come to Me with a sense of their femme self, even if the name is the only part they’ve really developed outside of their imagination.

Jamie, however, comes to Me with a lovely compliment of sissy lingerie, in which s/he displays exquisite taste. I had he/r send Me photos, so that I could get a better idea of where s/he could expand. When I suggested stockings and heels, I could swear I heard a moan of excitement! But that could simply have been the dildo I had he/r oozing in and out of he/r sissy pussy. ????

My plans!

S/he also came to Me having long since removed he/r body hair from the waist down, and was excited about My admonishment that s/he gradually become hairless from nose to toes!

S/he is further open to the slight public humiliation/major sissy thrill of going to a spa not only for hair removal, but for mani-pedis, with color.

And so much more!

Feminization, orgasm control, and pleasing he/r Mistress are first and foremost in the mind of My new sissy Jamie. For those reasons and more, s/he has been highly present in the forefront of Mine!

Let’s welcome sissy Jamie, everyone! And if you think you have the right combination of eager sissy desire and submission, there’s always more room in My sissy training stable!


Goddess Rachel, your favorite Mean Girl BFF for Sissies!


P.S.:  Sissy Jamie is obviously open to, and rather experienced in, the pleasure s/he can get from he/r sissy pussy! I am also, of course, controlling he/r orgasms through tease and denial. I decided to share, therefore, a little audio I originally made for Teasemania called Unexpected Assgasm.

Press play below to enjoy!