Hello, Horny Readers! Are you familiar with sissy trance?

Well, let Me back up. Goddess Rachel, a sissy’s mean girl BFF, tends to come on strong as a matter of course, but maybe I should explain why I’m so excited about the topic.

I couldn’t let this month go by without writing a post especially for Our sissies! For one thing, SissySchool.com is Our site of the month. For another, We’re celebrating 20 years of fabulous Femdomme phone sex all November long!

Sissies have made up a sizeable portion of Our playmates over the years, and therefore, We have Our submissive femmes to thank for their role in Our success!

I thought it was particularly fitting to cover a subject near and dear to the heart of many a sissy, and will be to many more who perhaps haven’t heard of it before.

You may have heard it called by other names: sissy mindfuck, sissy meditation, sissy kink mantra . . . but My favorite is sissy trance. Any way you slice it, sissy trance can be a useful tool in helping a failed male embrace his best sissy self!

Want to know why?

I’ll definitely get to that. But first, let’s make sure W/e’re all on the same page with regard to the meaning of “sissy trance”.


What is sissy trance?


Or masturbation trance in general, for that matter? It can refer to a practice, a state of mind, or both. For the purposes of this blog, I’m talking about the benefits of employing the practice in order to achieve the state of mind.

So, what’s the practice? In simple terms, it’s the repetition of images, sounds, or words, or a combination of two or more of those, to emphasize a lesson or encourage a goal. The hope is that this practice will induce a state of calm and open your mind to suggestion.

You can get so mesmerized by good sissy trance that you’re not even really hearing the words anymore, but the message still penetrates. The next thing you know, you feel better about or less resistant to a particular practice or change.

But why would a sissy need sissy trance?

Read on!


The male ego: delusional, but persistent


Men spend so much energy competing. Some say it’s a natural effect of testosterone. Who are they competing against? Why, other men, of course!

But not even against other men, if you think about it. Most men are holding themselves up against an example that comparatively few men can measure up to: in charge, powerful, masculine, useful, sexually successful.

They’ll talk big about their success with women, and walk with a certain well-practiced swagger, even if they have a really small penis and would rather be the “little spoon” in bed.

They slap their wife or girlfriend on the ass not as an expression of ownership or affection, but of covetousness. THEY want to be the one slapped on their nice round feminine bottom by a real man, but would do anything not to admit it.

So they experience a lot of relief when they first come to Me and get to put away all the pretense. That relief can be addicting. but often only lasts as long as the session itself. Especially when they scurry away, proclaiming that I probably won’t hear from them again because it was just a one-off, an experiment, and that really, they’re all man.

Until they come back in a week or two, that is.

Don’t get Me wrong, I’ll welcome them back every time. But soon enough, even they get exhausted by the burden of pretending.

This isn’t just a problem for public men in denial of their private sissy. Even when a sissy has reached a certain state of acknowledgement and acceptance, maybe even accrues a sizable wardrobe and picks up proper grooming habits, s/he’s not immune to relapse.


Ever heard of sissy purging?


It’s a crying shame when I hear that a sissy of Mine, having fallen prey to societal guilt trips or the last vestiges of the aforementioned male ego, has simply tossed all of the carefully, lovingly-selected panties, stockings, heels, dresses, girl-jeans, sissy makeup, nail polishes, chastity devices, and other toys.

Not locked them all in a trunk and hidden them in the basement somewhere buried in Christmas decorations, but straight up stuffed all those artifacts of euphoria and sexy femme memories in a Hefty bag, and tossed them in the garbage.

For one thing, what a waste! A waste of money and a waste of time. I think of all the sissies who’d love to be able to have the disposable income just to buy one quality dildo, and yet this recalcitrant sissy can afford to let he/r undisciplined brain convince he/r to trash hundreds of dollars of goods. Sometimes more than once. Sometimes things s/he can’t replace.

But more importantly, it rarely fucking works!

Wouldn’t it be better to receive some extra support that addresses the real problem? The problem isn’t that you have a feminine side, but what you tell yourself that means about your worth as a human being, how you measure up to some arbitrary idea of virtue, or some (for most) unattainable version of masculinity.

It should be enough to ask yourself, “who am I hurting?”

And once the answer you get is “no one”, you’re okay.

You can’t reason yourself, however, out of a belief that you didn’t reason your way into.

So reaching the subconscious mind via other methods might succeed where reason fails.

Enter sissy trance!


More than correction


Sissy trance isn’t just useful for dismantling false ideas about the state of one’s masculinity or as preventative medicine against purging. There doesn’t have to be anything to fix for a sissy to benefit from sissy trance.

Sissy trance can be calming, reassuring, like a soak in a nice warm bath at the end of the day. It can also be a fun dose of sissy humiliation mindfuck if those are your kinks.

No matter what its used for, however, sissy trance can be very powerful. That’s why it should only be used and administered by those who have generally stable mental and emotional health. Further, it should always be created and assumed with boundaries in mind, both Mine and most importantly, yours. I’m mucking around in someone’s brain, after all, and that’s not to be taken lightly. Safeguards should be in place for U/s both.


Want to experience sissy trance?


I like to conduct My sissy trance sessions and recordings in four parts: sinking, floating, rising, and aftercare. Sissy trance is most suited to the custom audio format, but live sessions can work well, too.

So, are you intrigued? Have you ever experienced sissy trance? If so, what did you think?

In any case, I hope this introduction (to some of you) was at least informative. If you’d like to explore further, please feel free to get in touch with Me via E-mail or Skype chat. W/e can discuss a custom audio recording, or even a live session if the chemistry feels right.

Once again, Happy Anniversary to Us. and thank you, sissies, for your part in it! Whether it’s through sissy trance or other means, W/e hope you continue to come to Us to learn to be your best sissy self!


Goddess Rachel, sissy trance conductor


Skype: enchantrixrachel