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They say free your mind, and your ass will follow. I think it’s the other way around.

Hello, Horny Readers! Many of you have expressed rightful gratitude for My presence in your lives. I hope you realize how grateful I am for you as well! I get a great deal from My kink acquaintances here, whether W/e have sessions or not. Namely, inspiration. And it was just such inspiration that gave Me the idea for this blog post, regarding how the slave male can cope with some of the more painful parts of his servitude.

Pain can be physical or psychological. Purposeful or incidental. It’s also relative. But as long as the pain is within the confines of safe, sane, and consensual servitude, previously expressed boundaries are respected, and safe words are in place, it can be incredibly productive for the slave male. Not to mention deeply arousing for Me.

How can discomfort in submission be productive and arousing?

Well it all depends on your willingness to discipline your mind, and surrender.

Perhaps a little vignette will help you understand what that would look like.


Is it really pain, slave male?


Picture Me luxuriating on My chaise, reading a book and enjoying a nice cup of hibiscus mint cold brew tea. I’m wearing a cool silk tan wrap dress, My perfectly-pedicured feet crossed at the ankles. You are off doing your chores somewhere. That is, until you come crawling in on hands and knees, naked but for your chastity cage. You stop about two feet from where I recline, lower yourself to elbows and knees in the classic prostration, and silently wait to be acknowledged.

Of course, I am aware of your presence, and of course, I will make you wait for an undetermined amount of time before I look up from My book (just like an ignore call in the flesh). After about five minutes, I reach a good stopping place, bookmark, and look up.


Still prostrated, you murmur unintelligibly. I reach out with one bare foot, place it on the back of your head, and cram it downward. You respectfully move your hands next to your knees, allowing Me to smash your cheek flat against the carpet.

“Speak up.”


Or are you just a slut?


With your head turned to the side, I can hear you more clearly.

Mistress Rachel loves to own and train the slave male! 1-800-356-6169

Progress takes endurance!

“Mistress, your balls really hurt.”

“Oh? You looked fine at skin check and edging this morning. Does it feel as if you are injured?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Have they changed color suddenly? Are they cold to the touch?”

“No Ma’am, Goddess Rachel.”

“Well then what do you mean by ‘hurt’?” I ask, knowing the answer.

“They feel . . . too full. The edging session this morning was very challenging.”

“Oh, I see.”

Thus, I put My book aside. I move one foot from the back of your head to the back of the couch, and the other to the floor. The wild hope for release radiates from you in waves.

I slide the skirt of My dress up until it pools on either side of My waist, revealing My plump labia majora and fresh brazilian wax.

“Come here.”

You crawl forward, look up, and then whimper. You know that release is not the solution I intend.

A glossy fingernail that matches the bright red of My toes points at My pussy.

“Show Me how it feels.”

A wistful moan is muffled by your closed lips.

“Put your mouth on My pussy, and explain to Me with your tongue the nature of your discomfort.”

See? It’s that easy.

Still don’t get it?

Let Me explain it another way.


Channel your discomfort.


Mistress Rachel loves to own and train the slave male! 1-800-356-6169

I guess it goes without saying that the pussy worship I would receive at that point would induce orgasms so powerful, I would need a nap afterward. My slaves are taught to know their bodies well enough to recognize the difference between transient pain, harmless but ongoing discomfort, and injury. They are also trained to translate their feelings into action

I help them do that by making a sort of performance artist out of the slave male. I either distract them (such as cbt to stave off orgasm during edging sessions), or expect them to express their feelings with activities that benefit Me.

Do you understand?

The point is, the purpose of the slave male is not just to do tasks, but to endure. To endure both physically and psychologically for My pleasure and benefit. But I am a benevolent Mistress, and I believe strongly in allowing a submissive to express his feelings passionately and at length.

The terms of his enslavement may not change, but he will feel heard and understood. And that makes the required endurance easier to bear.

What more can a slave ask?



Goddess Rachel, slave male stable keeper