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Hello, Horny Readers! You know I’m always looking for new ways to tease and torment submissive cock. Further, My Femdom antennae are always tuned to pick up takes on female-led relationships. Whether they derive from fantasy, or the flesh! I was tickled, therefore, to consider something from the latter that will aid Me in the former: soaking!

I’d heard of soaking before, but not in this context!

For the unfamiliar, soaking is an allegedly Mormon practice. Perhaps it’s archaic, but I’ve heard tell that it’s still done in some quarters. Specifically, a penis is allowed to penetrate a vagina and simply stay there, without movement. The belief is that this doesn’t count as “losing one’s virginity”. Both parties remain virgins as long as there’s no humping, grinding, or thrusting involved.

A nonsensical concept, in My opinion, but to each their own. It should be, and has been, turned to a better purpose.

Like chastity torment and cockteasing!

Let Me backtrack a little.

I follow a blog written by a man in Arizona who is one half of a female-led relationship. He calls it a woman-led marriage. One component of their relationship is long-term chastity. On occasion, his Mistress wife will unlock him, and allow him to insert his cock into her pussy. The two of them will lie like that for whatever length of time the dominant wife desires. Then he pulls out, and is ostensibly locked back up!

It’s a bonding experience for them, which I found both arousing, and sweet!

But when I think about it in terms of you, My submissive minions, I suppose you won’t be surprised that it’s not the prospect of bonding that has My imagination running wild!


Soaking in Your Devotion


We’re just past no-nut November, and Locktober wasn’t all that long ago. But, it should go without saying that controlling your masturbation and orgasms are a year-around pleasure!Offer yourself up for submissive soaking with Goddess Rachel! 1-800-356-6169

Soaking is a wonderful way of showing how devoted you are to your Mistress. If you happen to have a Mistress in the flesh, I’d love it if you’d bring up the idea to Her. Let Me know how it goes if you try it.

If you don’t, I would love to deliciously roleplay just what this would look like between U/s as you edge for Me in a session.

My penchant for training dildos for My use is well-known, but a bit of soaking, before or after I’ve had all the orgasms I want, sounds like a delightful addition to your training!

Heck, what if I were to summon you for dildo training, secure you as usual, edge you with a nice handjob until My dildo has reached the, er, tensile strength (not sure if that’s the appropriate term) I desire, mount you, and then simply practice My kegels using your cock as resistance?

That would be a delicious use of soaking, given that you would realize the typical chance that you would be allowed to cum once I had been satiated would clearly be off the table.


Think of the variations!


Add in a fleshlight to add even more realism, and perhaps you on cam so I can keep you honest, and . . . well I might become so aroused I’ll have to bring a toy of My own to the session just in case!

And what do you think of strap-on soaking, for that matter? Do you have such a horny asspussy that you would react as I fantasize you would? Could W/e edge you until your slut spot is nice and plump, and you’re simply aching to be fucked, and then I simply ooze My dildo into place and leave it there, offering you not one relieving thrust?

It would be an abject lesson in who owns that hole. 9 inches of molded silicone saying, “It’s Mine, and I can do what I want with it, whether that’s fucking OR soaking!”

Mmmmm, what delicious thoughts abound!

Are you tingling like I’m tingling?

Shall W/e explore?

In closing, I’d like to thank the gentleman from Arizona for the idea, and I hope he will chime in in the comments with any thoughts he has on My appropriation of the intimate practices of he and his Wife.

If he does, I highly suggest you check out his blog. It should be linked through clicking on his name if he should comment.

As for Me, I’ll be waiting for you a phone call away!

Until next time,


Goddess Rachel, Soaking Submissives with Glee!