Hello, horny readers!

I’ve spent the last several days thinking back over some of my favorite tease and denial sessions so that I could share them with you. I hope the mental images conjured and other food for the senses I recall will inspire pleasant memories of some of your own favorite cock control phone sex.

I have done my best to conceal the identities of my phone sex playmates, but if any of them should happen to recognize themselves in these stories, and would like to comment, I invite them to do so. I hope you boys remember our time together as fondly as I do!

The first two favorites that floated through my mind are mentioned together for two reasons. First, both involve a bit of delicious juxtaposition, two traits concerning the caller and/or the experience that might seem to contradict each other. Second, both experiences were enriched for me by the indulgence of one of my own mini-fetishes–an accent. 😉

The first took place when I’d only been with LDW for a couple of months. It’s a special one because I’d built up such affection and chemistry with this caller through the Enchantrix Empire social network, Instant Messenger, Facebook, and E-mail, that a great deal of teasing had taken place before the call. The qualities that make him a favorite are reflected in the avatar he uses throughout the community–cute, cuddly, loving, and just looking to be “housebroken” with the aid of cockteasing. His adorable anxiety to please in the hopes of being rewarded for being a good boy, mixed with the kinkiness of his taste for edging and delayed orgasms were an irresistible delight. It was so provocative to hear him politely beg with his sweet and cheerful Southern lilt. He was genuinely sweet, and genuinely horny. An endearing and memorable mixture!

Another favorite came soon after, in the form of a perverted Teutonic angel. Therein lies the first enticing contradiction–the appearance of a heavenly creature, such a mild, intelligent, rational and polite disposition . . . and some of the most fetchingly depraved tastes I have ever experienced while engaging in fetish phone sex!

I saw him on webcam (I love a good cam show!), and he really did look like the proverbial angel–golden curls, creamy skin (oh how lovely his alabaster ass looked when blushed by the paddle!), and perhaps the most beautiful mouth I have ever seen on a man. And the accent. This one, Austrian, is probably so attractive to me because it conjures thoughts of order, civility, and culture. Hearing him utter words of submission, begging not for release but for the priviledge of being kept in chastity between sessions of the admittedly diabolical cock teasing regimen on which I placed him, all with (hypothetically) the accent of Mozart, of Beethoven, and some of my favorite philosophers, drove me to utter distraction!

Next, two playmates who are special because part of the teasing involves rationing the stroking itself!