Hello Horny Readers!

Back again for the second installment in my recollection of some of my favorite tease and denial sessions! In this post and the next I thought I’d write about two submissive men I particularly enjoyed because the cock teasing involved what they didn’t do, as much as what they did! Specifically, these strokeboys were best controlled by strictly curtailing the privilege of stroking itself!

The first strokeboy is a frequent plaything of mine. I must say that he is good for my ego. It’s clear that, for what ever reason, he gets so excited by the prospect of receiving my masturbation instructions that he is breathing heavily by the time I say “hello”. When we first began our relationship, it was clear to me, and supported by his own admission, that he was stroking himself a long time before he picked up the phone. And yet, he expressed repeatedly that his dearest wish was to give himself over to my control, to masturbate for me. Naturally, the first step to seizing control of this lusty stroker was to convince him that if he is mine, that means that all of him is mine, including his cock. And most of us are told at one point in our upbringing or another that we ought not touch things that don’t belong to us without permission. 😉 I impressed this point upon him firmly.

It was very difficult to get him to control himself. Generally I would insist that before we commenced, he would put his hands at his sides, or sit on his hands while his horny cock throbbed, until given leave to do otherwise. But we found, over time, that his struggle to submit, to withhold the temptation to touch himself until and unless instructed, was as much a means of arousal as the stroking itself! In fact, he enjoyed even more control than that, to solicit my permission to speak at all! And when I deigned to command him, “Speak!”, invariably his only words would be, “I love to stroke for you, my beautiful strapon Mistress!” Yes, there were more wrinkles to his desire than just to masturbate for me, but that’s for another post. 😉

Oh how I loved to hear him beg, not to cum, but simply for the gift of being able to stroke at all! This was truly a new and different take on tease and denial!