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spanking humiliationHello, Horny Readers! I love impact play. In fact, sometimes it seems the hornier I get, the more into dishing out pain and humiliation I become. Spanking is one of the easier ways to indulge My sadistic streak in the context of Femdom phone sex, but there’s a form of spanking I particularly like about which you and I can only fantasize when W/e play by phone: bare bottom and over the knee! Luckily, a surprising number of you enjoy fantasizing about this specific brand of spanking humiliation just as much as I do! But what makes it such a potent fantasy?

First, I think it’s emasculating. When I put an adult male slave over My lap, bottom naked and exposed, penis dangling down between My thighs, he is made to experience a brand of vulnerability and embarrassment that he likely hasn’t experienced in a long, long time.

Spanking Humiliation: Man Demoted to Boy

Those who were raised with corporeal punishment remember the moment when they grew “too big to be spanked”, but this distinction isn’t just a physical one. There comes a point when a person becomes aware of concepts like privacy and personal dignity, and their right to claim them. The parent, or another person responsible for meting out discipline, usually becomes instinctively aware of the onset of this moment as well, and spanking as a means of behavior correction stops.

Coercing a grown man into a position he thought he aged out of is like stripping him of the particular brand of autonomy that adulthood supposedly confers. To most people, perhaps the image of the emasculated submissive usually translates to a male rendered effectively female, but it can also refer to a man demoted back down to the status of boy, and at no time in the realm of spanking humiliation is this more clear than when the spanking is administered bare bottom and over-the-knee.

Spanking Humiliation: Physically Vulnerable

spanking humiliation

Purposely shaped like a hairbrush, which has nostalgic meaning for some spank sluts, but made of sturdy silicone which packs a more memorable whallop! Click the photo if you’re in the market for one!

Emasculation as described above is psychological. An over-the-knee spanking also leaves a male slave deliciously vulnerable physically. Once you solve the problem of hands reaching back to cover the reddened, tender flesh, and the problem of kicking legs*, this position can render the target of spanking humiliation wide open to other means of erotic exploitation: Between the blushed ass cheeks is the asshole of course, and it can add something especially satisfying to pause mid-spank and violate that hole with My fingers or the smooth, rounded handle of the hairbrush. Sometimes I like to squeeze an ass plug into place before spanking commences, because blows to the assmeat usually cause reflexive contracting of the asshole, making the slave acutely aware of this secondary form of the violation of his autonomy.

Also there’s that dangling cock and those vulnerable balls. The balls are conveniently located so that I can pull them back through his legs and sandwich them between his thighs if more severe corrective measures are called for, because inevitably, some of the blows land at least partially on the nutsack. If I don’t pull the balls back, the pressure exerted from underneath by My strategically-placed thigh, exacerbated from time to time by the bowing of a spank-boy’s body in response to discomfort, adds a nice little touch of cock and ball torment. The cock and balls can also be squeezed between My thighs for either mild cbt or a rather intense form of cockteasing, especially if I’m wearing stockings; These provide stimulation at turns abrasive and tickling. If the subject of spanking humiliation is a pain piggy, he will probably be erect. This gives him a thrill of humiliation all by itself, and leaves him open to other kinds of teasing and denial.

So there you have it, readers.  Whose cock tingles at the thought of an over-the-knee spanking? Do you relate to the above? Why does it arouse you so much? Do you prefer a hand, or a hairbrush?

Feel free to share in the comments below!

*I like to either put a collar on a slave, cuff his wrists behind his back, and then attach collar to cuffs with a length of bondage rope, or tie his wrists to the legs of the straight back chair, or simply cuff them in the front. Front cuffing his best, because then his arms are out of the way altogether, but the collar-and-cuffs method is arousing to look at, and tends to deepen a spank slave’s sense of helplessness. Cuffing the ankles together loosely tends to minimize the efficacy of kicking.