Hello, Horny Readers! Do you like to spoil your Mistress? A spoiled Mistress is a happy Mistress. And let’s face it, submissive men love spoiling Me. But finding ways to keep your Mistress feeling pampered, served, and appreciated can be a challenge if the two of U/s connect only by phone or text.

Many in the world of Femdom like to indulge in a certain kink in which a Mistress coerces Her submissive to buy Her gifts and give Her money. You know what I’m talking about. This is fun to fantasize about, but not something I encourage in reality. Ethically, I find it problematic.

The hit of serotonin one gets from erotic satisfaction can be addictive. When that erotic satisfaction is derived from the coercion to spend money, it can quickly lead to imprudent behavior and real life negative consequences.

Don’t get Me wrong–I like using you for my amusement, tormenting you, titillating and controlling you. But “safe(r), sane, and consensual” remains My boundary. I’ve said this often and elsewhere, but lately I’ve gotten quite an influx of inquiries from those who would cum simply on the strength of being able to say “Mistress is damaging my credit

I don’t want to damage your credit. It’s better for My spoiled princess side, as well as My conscience, if your credit remains good. After all, the better your credit, the more you can spoil Me, right? *wink*

So, all that said, how can you spoil your Mistress long distance, in a safe, sane, and consensual way?


Amazon for your favorite Amazon!


It’s not lost on Me that many of you prefer to give gifts, even if you aren’t adherents to the above-mentioned kink-that-shall-not-be-named. Second only to acts of service, you like to imagine Me wearing or using something you’ve provided.

For a long time you were able to visit My Amazon wishlist and purchase items I desired. Unfortunately, as you’ve no doubt heard elsewhere, We no longer have the capability to forward your gifts from Our central office. Call it another casualty of COVID. But that doesn’t mean you can’t provide for Me to go on a shopping spree of My own!

Visit My Amazon wishlist, and you’ll see that you can purchase E-mail deliverable gift cards that I can use for any number of things to make My day bright, make My life easier, or make you feel useful!

Doesn’t quite tickle your fancy as a way to tickle My fancy? Read on!


Specific Gifts for Spoiled Mistress Rachel


Some of you like to know exactly what I want and like. It establishes just that much more intimacy with your Mistress when you can actually lay eyes on something you know I will use, and take the steps to provide it. For a while, when W/e stopped using Amazon wish lists in the typical way, I was stumped as to how you could do that. My privacy and yours still need to be protected.

But then I found out about Throne!

Appropriate name for all of those who wish to worship at My feet in one way or another, isn’t that right? Picture Me literally sitting in a throne with various naked minions crawling towards Me on elbows and knees with offerings balanced in their hands (yes, that would take some coordination, but I have faith in every one of you)!

Or maybe one of you would be the throne itself! Submissives make the best furniture after all. Talk about your acts of service!

Anyway, I’m new to the app Myself, and am still learning all of its ins and outs. I suggest that any pet who wishes to use it to send Me something specific take the time to do the same. Read over the terms and conditions thoroughly (like service fees that might be added if you’re sending from outside of the United States and they need to process the currency change, customs fees as applicable, shipping, etc.).

But then, feel free to shop for My gifts as enthusiastically as your budget allows!  *giggle*


Miscellaneous Pleasure


You can also add a monetary gift, otherwise known as a virtual bouquet, at the beginning of or after any session W/e have. You can also include such a gift along with your payment for a custom audio.

Lastly, you could make a contribution to a cause or charity I care about. Contact Me for a list of those.

But do you have to have extra money on hand to cater to your spoiled Mistress?

Not necessarily!


Acts of Service


So your budget doesn’t allow for the purchase of gifts for your spoiled Mistress?

That doesn’t mean you can’t let Me know you’re thinking of Me, or make My life easier or just that much more filled with joy or exaltation. Here’s a list of things you can do that cost you nothing but perhaps time, a little creativity, and/or a discerning eye:

Find Me high-quality, high-resolution gifs or photos of an erotic nature. If they show overt nudity or sexual acts, I can’t use them on social media or My blog, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find other uses for them. If nothing else, I’ll find them personally titillating.

Try to discern whether or not it’s a fair or free use item. If it’s not, try to find out who owns the rights, so I can give credit when using it. You can do this using a reverse image search. Obviously they should only depict adult humans engaging in consensual acts.

I love treats of all kinds! Spoil Me!

The best examples don’t have any words or captions. Just clear, hot, erotic imagery. Reading My blog should give you some indication of the type of things I’ll most enjoy receiving!

Download the image, scan it for viruses, attach it to an E-mail, and include in the body of the E-mail the relevant ownership information if applicable.


Are you an artist?


Make Me a drawing, or digital art.  I prefer high-quality, realistic (doesn’t have to be photo-realistic) sexy Femdom images. Anything from the Femdom world or BDSM experience in general. Contact Me to see if I’m looking for anything specific. Artistic renderings of Goddess Rachel Herself are always welcome!

You’d be credited–I love bragging on talented slaves–but you’d also have to be okay with the item more than likely being shared publicly.

Write Me a poem expressing your devotion. Goddess worship doesn’t have to be physical. It can be literary as well! Be sure to indicate whether or not you would mind if it were shared here on My blog, or on Enchantrix Empire.


But wait, there’s more!


Add Me on Twitter (@FemdomEnchanter) and retweet My Tweets. Or, compose an original tweet to post on your own wall. This could be a sweet or naughty comment regarding the kink you and I explored, or one you’d like to explore with Me if W/e haven’t had a session yet.

Be careful to examine My blog to see if it’s something I’ve talked about, or if it seems like something that would interest Me. Feel free to send Me an E-mail (Rachel@enchantrixempire.com) and ask, if you’re not sure.

You could also Tweet a link to a favorite blog post of Mine. Or perhaps an audio. Use a link shortener like bitly because it makes the tweet look nicer and it saves characters. Remember, when you’re referencing Me, you’re representing Me. Make sure you use appropriate hashtags. Feel free to get in touch for hashtag suggestions, but usually, you can tell if a hashtag is good if it or something like it auto-fills when you start typing.

You can also write a post for this very blog, regarding the same things you might tweet about, but in longer form. The post should be at least 500 words, but no more than 1000. Stand alone posts only, please, not a series. Make sure to edit for proper spelling and grammar. Please note that I reserve the right to edit.

Or what about a chore to be done in your very own community related to issues I care about? Like volunteering a few hours a week at a pet shelter if you like animals, or picking up trash in your neighborhood? I’d want some kind of proof that you’d actually done it, of course, which W/e could discuss via E-mail.


Spoiled Mistress, Happy Mistress


When you share your fantasies with Me in session, I am entertained, titillated, and gratified. I love to control your cock, and your mind. What more could a Mistress need but the opportunity to flex Her dominant muscles on subbies in ways from sweet to scalding? Nothing. But sometimes there’s a difference between what one needs, and what one enjoys.

And yes, I enjoy being spoiled!

You can see by now that this doesn’t take money.

Here’s a recap of resources (aside from your very own brain and browser):

Add Me on Twitter: @FemdomEnchanter

E-mail for clarifications, charities, and causes: Rachel@enchantrixempire.com

Amazon Wish List

My Wishlist

I hope you’ve found this post helpful, and I look forward to being showered with your love, no matter the form in which it comes!


Goddess Rachel, Spoiled Mistress