Hello, Horny Readers! Did you know that some men don’t use lube when they masturbate? Until the last decade or so, I didn’t! Maybe it’s down to My “focus on the femme” that lead Me to assume, or to neglect even wondering beyond assumption. I guess I figured that whether you’re gay or straight, your stroking techniques are meant to simulate the sensations of sex. If you’re a guy who likes to stick his dick in an ass, I’d assume you’d want lube to smooth the way. And of course, if you’re a guy who likes to stick his dick in pussy, well, a well-prepped pussy makes its own lube.


Why some men’s stroking techniques don’t include lube


Some men like the friction. That’s the simplest and most common explanation I’ve heard at the beginning of a guided masturbation, tease and denial, or tease and delay session. Some men have just never used it.

As I have a vested interest in stroking techniques, I’ve assumed that men who like friction must, for the most part, use a lighter, more grazing stroke than the seize-and-destroy chicken choking popular with others.

Some men just never gave it much thought either way. They’ll use it if they have it on hand, and don’t think about it if not.

And they don’t tend to realize that it doesn’t have to be a bottle labeled “lube”, purchased at a sex toy store, to do the trick. I’ve heard, “I like to use it, but I don’t have any.” I can almost hear the light bulb go off in their head when I say, “Well you have lotion somewhere in your house, don’t you? And if not, you’ve got a kitchen, so that means you have some kind of oil.”

Seriously, if you have it, and you’ve never tried it, try coconut oil.

Spit doesn’t count. I mean, it’ll do in a pinch, but it dries up too fast, and the re-application distracts from the flow, at least when the stroking techniques are coming from Me.


More lubeless reasons!


Some men make their own lube. In the form of pre-cum, that is. I’ve had that exchange a number of times.

“Do you use lube when you stroke?”


“Do you drip lots of pre-cum?”


I always laugh and say, well, then you do use lube. It’s just that you make your own!

Sissies tend to use masturbation methods more akin to that of a girl, as it should be. It feels funny to talk about what sissies do in the context of the stroking techniques of men, because they aren’t men really, are they? But since most of them have a driver’s license that says otherwise, I’ll include them.

I guess I could have mentioned them in the friction section, because many sissies I play with rely on the sensation of a pair of silky panties rubbing against their clitty to masturbate. I love it when a gurl uses a vibrating wand. And lots of My sissies are pillow humpers. Not to mention that some have converted over to the majority of their pleasure coming from their ass pussy rather than their clitty anyway.

(By the way, someone out there bought a Doxy based on My recommendation recently, but I don’t know who! If you’re reading this, how do you like it?)

A few men out there just don’t like the mess. I know. You might be thinking, as I did when I first heard it, “Well you’re going to end up making a mess anyway if I let you cum.” But I’ve talked to a few boys who are so slime-averse that they masturbate with a condom on so that even that mess is contained. I suppose I think that’s pretty ingenious. Easy cleanup!


When and Why I prefer that a stroke boy use lube


Unless he dislikes it enough that it distracts from his focus in obedience, that is.

Well, it’s because I consider all cocks of a certain size to be eligible for dildo training, and the sensation they need to learn to endure should mimic pussy as much as possible. That means tight, warm, and wet.

Even cocks that are not eligible for dildo status are more fun to tease when they are enjoying the only pussy they should ever get, if any: hand pussy. Or in some cases, finger pussy, as obviously some little dicklets don’t need more than their thumb and index finger to stimulate.

Don’t worry–it’s not that I’ll ever turn you away if you prefer not to use lube, especially if you’re a panty boi, sissy, pillow humper, or chastity slave. But My stroking techniques are meant to simulate pussy, is the point, and they simply work better with a little slip and slide.

So, what’s your preference? Do you use lube? Is it lotion, oil, or the traditional? No lube for you? Why not? Feel free to weigh in in the comments!


Miss Rachel, Masturbatrix


P.S.: Speaking of dildo training, why not listen in to the little audio below where I talk briefly about why dildo training is important, if a boy qualifies for it.