Hello, horny readers!

All of you know that Miss Rachel has her favorite fetishes, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand the appeal of some of the more obscure varieties!  I understand the fact that even submissives have boundaries (not that those can’t always be pushed), but I love submissive males who desire to do or be anything their Mistress wishes.  And for some, that literally means any THING, including Mistress’ chair, table, stool, ottoman, coat rack, or any other piece of human furniture She may desire!  I love a slave who is willing to DO as they are told, but perhaps it can be called submission at its most essential when a slave submits to facesitting objectification as a demonstration of devotion.  It can be a beautiful wordless, motionless gesture of obedience, and it can be a form of the strictest and most punishing bondage.  It can call on the greatest reserves of physical and psychological stamina a slave can muster, or it can be a meditative relief from all the expectations and responsibilities a boy might carry on his shoulders in the animate world.

The male phenotype is ideal for the expression of this fetish.  Stronger necks can sustain Mistress’ weight, bent back at an angle as he provides a place for Mistress to lean while she takes off her stilettos at the end of a long day.  Broad shoulders make for a comfortable place over which to drape her tired legs in front of her easy chair.  A back with more or less straight lines rather than lines that curve in the middle make for a much more sturdy side table on which to set her cocktail between sips, and even more so with an 18″-square pane of thick glass laid across it.  A longer and wider piece of glass, and a boy becomes a table!  If a Mistress has the luxury of undertaking more than one submissive training to be furniture, she can make herself a whole dining room table!  Imagine a Furniture Mistress dinner party, where each Goddess brings Her own chair!

Oh, My mind is wandering now!  I’m thinking of all of the different fetishes with which performing as human furniture can be combined!  Doing so at party for Mistress and all of her friends amplifies the humiliation when it is used to expose and punish a wayward slave.  And you know how fond Miss Rachel is of a submissive male asshole.  Imagine the physics of a naked furniture slave on his hands and knees, a nice thick assplug and a mouth gag (perhaps a penis-shaped mouth gag) with a tension cord attached to each and then looped across a piece of leaded glass on his back to make a coffee table!  It would be a modern art masterpiece, as well as an opportunity for Me to have some anal fun!

Tell me, have you ever considered becoming living furniture for a Mistress?  How would you combine a fetish like this with your own favorite fetish?