Hello, Horny Readers! You still wouldn’t quite know it if you were in My neck of the woods, but Summer is coming fast! That means that many of U/s, Mistress Rachel included, are going to be spending more time outdoors. School may be out for Summer, but you’re My submissive slave 365 days a year, and I don’t want you to forget that. So I thought I would posit some ideas for U/s to share Summer together, and keep O/ur D/s dynamic strong!

Summertime is perfect for sissy public humiliation!

Sissy, do you have a bikini yet? Well it’s well past time for you to get one if you don’t! I want My sissies stepping out of their comfort zones with some sunbathing, whether in their back yards, on rooftops, next to the pool, or at the beach! Choose your location according to how safe you feel, but make no mistake: the intent is for you to be exposed, or potentially exposed, to more than just the sun.

Sunblock is mandatory, but so are tan lines! O/ur sissy Summer training sessions will be designed to help you work up the courage to go through with it, or cheer you on if you don’t need to be told twice! I can keep tabs on you as you get your body bikini-ready. I’ll support you through body hair removal and mani-pedis, and some virtual shopping trip sessions where W/e consult over which suit you should get. Perhaps you can even take Me with you via Bluetooth or the like, on an actual swimsuit shopping trip at the mall!

Think about how humiliated and excited you’ll feel buying a ladies’ swimsuit, with Mistress’ encouraging voice in your ear!

Once you’ve gone on your excursion and developed your oh-so-femme tan lines as ordered (and yes, it will be ordered, because you may be My sissy bff, but you’re also My submissive slave), there will be a final assignment where you share your results!

But sissies aren’t the only submissive slave subjects for that sort of fun!

What will you beta males be doing to involve your Alpha Mistress in your Summertime fun? I’ve got some ideas:

  • Enjoy lunch on the patio of a sidewalk cafe while having a chat with Miss Rachel. Tell Me all about how well you keep your composure while wearing a vibrating cock ring! No fair rushing through your meal, but you don’t get to cum until you’re back at home!
  • It’s fishing season, is it not? Do you like to row out onto a quiet body of water and collect your thoughts? Maybe you’d like to take a custom audio edging instruction with you? Practice while you wait for a little nibble. My purr in your earbuds can be nibbling at your brain!
  • Golfing? How would wearing a butt plug affect your swing? I’d want proof that you were wearing it, by the way.  From the golf course. Failure to comply could result in various penalties.

I’m sure W/e could come up with so many more! Do you hike and camp?  Well with that kind of privacy, who knows what you and I could come up with to highlight your status as My submissive slave this Summer?

I’m open to ideas!

Do you have some other fantasies that could be uniquely humiliating or satisfying of your submissive slave kinks in the Summertime?

Feel free to share them in the comments, or perhaps W/e should have a conversation where W/e tailor some Summer plans in private!

You know by now where to find Me!


Miss Rachel, Seeking Submissive Slaves for Summer Shenanigans!


P.S.:  Press play below if you’d like to hear Me read this post!