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T-Girl Tops and The Straight Men Who Love Them

Hello, Horny Readers!  I don’t know why I haven’t yet written about T-Girl tops and the straight men who love them because the attraction to T-girls is ubiquitous in kink and porn. I mean, obviously, I’ve written about feminization whether coerced or as a result of sissy longing.  Many a sissy strives to be as feminine as s/he can manage, or as feminine as a Mistress requires.  But this is a whole different ballgame.

I validate T-girls as women, women who have exerted a great deal of effort not just to feminize, but to transform in a permanent, everyday way. They legally and medically work to make their bodies match their brains. This doesn’t change just because a T-Girl may have a cock, plan to keep her cock and enjoy her cock for all the pleasure it can give her.


Tuck game STRONG, until she’s turned ON! You know you would.

There are as many variations in sexual taste and nature among T-girls as there are among any other women.  Some are dominant, some are submissive, some switch, etc,. No matter what position she chooses to take in bed, I encourage men who have the privilege of sexing with a non-op* T-girl to treat her with the same degree of respect that he would treat any other woman. She is not a freak or an alien. She is a woman who happens to have a cock.

Now that W/e have that out of the way, let’s celebrate T-girl tops and the straight men who love them!

I’ve really been enjoying Tumblr. There are some remarkable photos there of T-girls who would rival any AFAB** woman in terms of beauty and feminine allure. I would defy any straight man who saw some of these women to say he wouldn’t be drawn in, even if he’s not interested in cock. But there is a particular intersection between T-girls who have cocks, enjoy using them, and men who identify as straight. Except for their cock fetish.

Cock fetish.

T-girlThat’s what I’ve come to call it when a man has no attraction to any part of another man than what’s between his legs. Oh, I like to tease some of My cock-curious playmates about the fact that enjoying cock makes them a little less than straight, no matter the gender of the person to whom its attached. But in reality, when you look at some of these women, you know that can’t be accurate.

Yes, there are some men who seek out T-girl cock as a means of “sticking their toe in the water”. Either it’s familiar, or they haven’t yet come to terms with the fact that they are indeed bisexual. But some men are quite in earnest when they say that they love everything about a T-girl. They love her femininity, and her big, beautiful cock. They want to kiss her, caress her, run their hands over her silky, hairless skin, suck on her big, beautiful breasts, rim her pretty little pucker and maybe penetrate it. But they also want to suck her cock and lick her balls and then stick their hind-ends up in the air and get pounded into oblivion!

I love the hung ladies who take their place in the pantheon of Female Superiority. They get to do what I love to do with My strap on and a submissive male asspussy, except that I imagine they get even more physical pleasure out of it than I do. Even if they still like to be fucked, I imagine them power-bottoming with the aim of pleasing themselves, both girldicks and big titties bouncing as they ride the cocks of straight men. Advances in both medicine and society make it easier for T-girls to live the lives they want to lead, and for men to proudly admit and explore their unabashed love for “chicks with dicks”. In keeping with that, I would love to see even more of them join Me and other dominant women in consuming men like the toys they were meant to be!

*A non-op T-girl is a woman who opts not to have a neo-vagina constructed as part of her transgender journey.
**AFAB=assigned female at birth

25 comments to T-Girl Tops and The Straight Men Who Love Them

  • cuckie

    Great blog and an interesting subject….I’m so glad we live in an era where sexuality need not be defined by only two genders! I myself, LOVE slipping into sexy women’s clothing, and I DO have some bi-fantasies as well. So, I think I can relate to T-girls (even if i don’t desire to modify my body). There are a whole lot of colors in the rainbow so whatever makes you smile and enjoy your life a bit more (and doesn’t hurt anyone)….Well, i say “Go for it!”

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    Awesome post Miss Rachel!!!! I must admit, I do find the combination of femininity and masculinity to be very interesting, and yes, even exciting. It plays perfectly into my fantasy of having the mistresses of LDW lure me into the world of coerced and/or forced bi. Afterall, it’s a sexy chick with a dick…so sucking on a dick attached to a beautiful sexy body is ok….nothing gay about that…right 🙂 ??? I sometimes wonder where playing out my fantasies of trannies with the lovely ladies of LDW will ultimately take me….but for now I am just sitting back and enjoying the ride.

  • Ollie

    Mmmmm. More roleplay ideas, perhaps?

  • Ollie

    Not yet. But I like your enthusiasm and passion. And I love the fact that you answer your messages. So I do want to start real soon.

  • TeasedM

    With You, Ms Rachel, and Your T-Girl friend I know I would end up a rotisserie slut.
    Wow, I can’t believe how much my boundaries have stretched. You do that to me – and You know it.
    Before long, You will have me begging for it. I do miss You Ms Rachel.

  • Mistress:

    I’ve been dressing for quite sometime now and would have loved being born a woman but have always been attracted to Tgirls sexually and not hardly at all the male persona. Also, I’ve always been the submissive type so being with (perhaps married) to a dominate Top T-woman would be the perfect situation for me. I for one worship these erotic creatures and am glad to see society coming around to how great they are as well. To me they are the ultimate and perfect fit for me in my life.
    Thank you for your address of this issue. Keep up the great work.



    • Rachel

      Wow, I’m so glad I wrote a post that spoke to someone pretty much exactly who the post describes! Thanks for reading and for sharing your experience!

  • TeasedM

    I am still missing You Miss Rachel.
    I keep coming back and reading this blog.
    I need to be consumed like a toy by You and one of Your friends!

    • Rachel

      Michael, so glad you’re still continuing to get enjoyment and edification out of this blog! Your training continues, even when you aren’t on the phone with Miss Tia or Myself, and that’s the way it should be! I love that We’re embedded in your consciousness!

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    Miss Rachel….we have definitely been having some fun exploring this side of me during our calls. Thank you!!!! Of course during our last call we did find juts how far my preference went, at least for now 🙂 Looking forward to our next call as I have so much fun playing out this fantasy.

    • Rachel

      I guess I better get back to saving scintillating photos! You just reminded Me that I’ve fallen off track with that. And yes, seems like W/e found a boundary of yours, didn’t W/e? lol

      • PlungerBoy (PB)

        Awesome……..I am sure you will picl out some great ones….and possibky a surprise or two….my dick is getting hard just thinking about it.

  • vanilla

    T-gurls who top…always one of vanilla’s favorite things. Vanilla was helped along in hir transformation into a t-gurl sissy slut by several dominant t-gurls over the years. While being bent over and dominated by a big cocked he man is great, there’s something captivating about tits and cock coexisting in the same person. And no one seems to be as good at treating a starting sissy as a woman as a t-gurl. They definitely know more about how to get you in the feminine mood and how to take you from there to a cock addicted sissy slut.

    vanilla is currently seeing a couple, black man and black t-gurl. Being a rotisserie slut for them is absolute heaven, and she knows just how to treat vanilla’s gurly nipples, tit fucking, playing rough with vanilla’s nipple rings, cumming on vanilla’s nice titties. we have put on shows at swinger/lifestyle weekends, up on a raised bed all three of us, with vanilla as the submissive slave of course. There’s something about being on hands and knees, cock in each hole, then look out on the faces of those watching, exhibitionism doesn’t fully describe it. Being seen humiliated and begging for black cock and getting facialed while watching people who can’t take your eyes off of you…delicious.

    • Rachel

      It’s not much different than being pounded by a Mistress with a great big strap on, is it, vanilla? Or perhaps even better, since the “strap on” can receive pleasure as well as give it!

      • vanilla

        Well, there’s strap ons and strap ons. Ones with a hard plastic cock, not so much, with a more realistic feeling silicone cock, similar feeling. But mentally, knowing the person ramming little vanilla’s hole feels every single inch of penetration on their cock changes the mental dynamic a lot, even though it may feel the same. Knowing the person will cum, even though occasionally a mistress with a strap on will cum from the strap rubbing her clit, is a huge turn on for a horny little slut gurl. Plus, vanilla can feel the real cock pulse and twitch when the t-gurl or man cums is bliss. It’s of course even better if it’s someone safe who can actually cum inside vanilla, the feel of hot cum spurting inside vanilla’s ass pussy, and in hir mouth, ohhhhh, just so sublime, it can make vanilla cum gallons. vanilla is such a bimbo slut.

  • jenlee

    Mistress Rachel

    You really do understand what a sissy slut like me desires. A true understanding of the variety of t-gurl roles. Many of us like to play more than one …. from bitch boi Mistress to sissy slut on her knees doing what she does best.

    Great post.


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