Calling all inveterate gooners! Summoning all those adept at riding the edge! I’m talking to YOU, compulsive cock stroker! You have exactly two weeks to arrange for tease and delay training with Me!  

Why, you ask?

It should go without saying that tease and delay training with Goddess Rachel gives you the opportunity to live up to one of the primary obligations of your life, to please and amuse Me. But right now, it’s because you need to prepare for your upcoming competition: Stroke-A-Thon 2021!

You haven’t yet heard of the Stroke-A-Thon contest?

Follow this link for the nitty-gritty details, but the synopsis is that you have until September 15 to sign up for the competition on September 18. On September 18, you will compete against other strokers under the control and direction of ten skilled and wicked masturbatrix Mistresses (Myself included) for fun and prizes!

It’s a good idea to make sure your skills are honed to a fine point with some tease and delay training! Between now and the 18th, W/e should practice. No matter how impervious you think you are to the most tantalizing JOI.

A primer (or refresher) on MY brand of Tease and Delay

It’s not orgasm edging, which is where I bring you to the edge with My instructions. Usually in edging, there are breaks between edges, how ever short. There will be no breaks during Stroke-A-Thon. You’ll be expected to continue stroking the entire time. Perhaps as one Mistress finishes Her 5 minute stint at the controls and another takes over, there will be a short period where the nature or intensity of the stroking will naturally slow down, but you can’t ever stop.

And trust Me, We’ll be watching!

It’s not tease and denial either. In that, you edge for Me repeatedly, and I will never let you cum. Don’t get Me wrong; tease and denial training will also help you compete at Stroke-A-Thon. More importantly, it amuses Me just as much if not more than tease and delay. After all, I get to repeatedly respond “no” to “may I cum” either way. It’s just that your tease and delay training with Me will be the same as the competition: no breaks!

Furthermore, since the goal of the Stroke-A-Thon is not necessarily to never cum, only to be the last of the competitors to do so, I thought I’d call the training sessions tease and delay.

In these training sessions, I will bring you through many of the masturbation techniques I will probably have in My arsenal on the 18th, so practicing them with Me for a bit might just give you an advantage. I’ll allow you to cum when you just can’t stand it anymore (or ruin your orgasm since that’s more fun for Me), so that both you and I will have a good idea of how long you might be able to hold your own. Then W/e’ll try to stretch past that point. Cumshot as benchmark, so to speak.

But you will delay that orgasm as long as possible, stroking the whole time.


No cock rings allowed!

Toys aren’t necessarily forbidden during the Stroke-A-Thon, except for those that will help you keep from cumming. That means no cock rings. That means none during My tease and delay training, either!

In fact, the rules regarding toys and tools during My tease and delay training for Stroke-A-Thon will be the same across the board, since recreating conditions as closely as possible will be key to your chances. They are as follows:

  1. The toy must not hide your cock, like a fleshlight or pocket pussy. If you use Ooh, that looks fun, doesn’t it? Click the pic to learn more!

    one of those, you could have squirted inside of it, pretended you didn’t, and We’d never know!

  2. If you’re going to use a vibrating toy, it needs to be turned on and applied to the cock at all times.
  3. You must use the toy in a stroking fashion as an aid to your masturbation, i.e. running it up and down the cock in lieu of or in addition to your hand. See an example of a toy that fits the criteria on the right!

What about ass toys?

There’s a fourth rule, but I’m going to discuss it apart from the above list, because My requirements for tease and delay training sessions are slightly different on this point than the requirements for Stroke-A-Thon.

During competition, you can use toys for anal play, as long as you’re not bouncing up and down on it (the motion will obscure a clear view of your cock for the judges). This part holds true for tease and delay training with Me just so that W/e can maintain continuity of conditions.

Furthermore, at Stroke-A-Thon, your toy must not put your butthole on display, and you shouldn’t have it facing the camera. Perhaps a butt plug that you can sit on and completely obscure with your ass.

This is where O/ur training sessions will differ from the competition without, I don’t think, compromising your preparedness: Anyone who’s seen Me around the LDW Empire for any length of time probably knows that I love manholes, so show it as much as you like while W/e prepare! *giggle*

Tease and delay training for all seasons

YES, I want you to sign up for the Stroke-A-Thon, whether or not you feel you need tease and delay training to prepare. But tease and delay training with Goddess Rachel. or any of the cock control techniques for that matter, is always in fashion. Feel free to arrange for it whether you intend to compete or not!

As an added incentive to those who are on the fence about joining the competition, I’m offering five minutes added to any session with Me once I’ve confirmed with Our dispatchers that you are a registered competitor. These free minutes are to be used at any time, and have no expiration date. Use them to extend your tease and delay training, or tack them on to any other type of deliciously slutty session in which you and I may indulge!

Got it?

Good! So I can expect to train your cock before Stroke-A-Thon, and see you on competition day? And I can see you for tease and delay training, or any other type of cock control sessions at all times, forever and ever?

Good.  *wink*

And with that, I will take My leave. Hopefully you will be seeing more blog posts from Me again, as I think My writer’s block has been broken. And hopefully I will see you (and control you) on Stroke-A-Thon day!

Please feel free to get in touch either in the comments section, by E-mail, or Skype, if you have any further questions.

Happy Stroking!


Goddess Rachel, your tease and delay Mistress

P.S.:  Click the gif below to enjoy a sample of the voices of all the Mistresses who will be controlling your cock at Stroke-A-Thon!