**As of 4/18/22 the page for Toys for the Cocksucker has been removed.  I simply thought it was redundant! I think the post is still titillating, which is why I’m leaving it up for those who might come across it. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to fantasize about some toys that might aid the cocksucker to be better at his craft!**

Let’s face it:  If you want to suck cock well, enthusiasm is 90% of the endeavor, and most of the learning you do will come from practice on the real thing.  Maybe you don’t know whether or not you’ll ever follow through on your cock sucking fantasies. Maybe for you, the idea of being a cocksucker is simply part of Femdom phone sex play. Perhaps training as a cocksucker is only a means of satisfying your lust for humiliation.

Whether it’s simply part of fantasy play, you really are a cock whore, or would like to be, I want My cocksuckers to be proficient as well as passionate.  Any stud cock or Mistress is going to have his or Her own preferences, to which the cocksucker should be attentive. But there are some considerations that I either believe are universal, or are simply part of what I demand. My toy selections are based around those.

As with My post regarding the toys I selected for the enhancement of masturbation, I’ll remark based on questions I anticipate, in addition to general information about the toys themselves.

Mistress, this cocksucker is a slut for Big Black Cock.  Why aren’t there any among the toys you’ve selected?

Quite simply, there are no quality dongs I could find that were big, brown, and realistic. (Update:  Check out the page because I found an exception!)  I even looked outside of My preferred purveyor, Stockroom.com, and simply didn’t have much luck.  If you’ve got a Big Black Cock dong you love, feel free to post links to it in the comments section so that others can get one of their very own.  I will say though, that it sure was fun looking for cocks modeled off of African-American porn stars and coming across galleries of their photos.  There is a LOT of impressive chocolate out there, that’s for sure.

Mistress, why are all your selections so big?

Stop whining and open that throat pussy, cocksucker.

But seriously, first of all, I’m a size queen, so I’m admittedly biased.  Some of the cock sucking sluts I know will put anything in their mouth that gets hard and shoots cum, no matter how small, but for Me, only cocks over a certain size are actually deserving of oral servitude.  Also, there is one that’s a modest size.  The Adam Killian dong is only 7 inches of insert-able length.  Besides, you don’t have to take all of the big ones right away.

Mistress, does a cocksucker have to deepthroat?

I’ll be honest with you: deepthroating is part of My cocksucker training, especially if you plan to service stud cock in real life. True, maybe your stud cock won’t require, or may not even like to be deepthroated, preferring stimulation focused on the head, or a stroke-suck combo, but it’s better to have a skill and not need it than to need it and not have it.  If you’re a humiliation slave, then it’s not so much that you’re sucking cock, but opening another hole wide to be fucked, so yes, you have to try to deepthroat.  I like the way you gag, whore.

(Whew!  I got a little excited there!  Excuse the editorializing.  lol)

Mistress, do I really need a ball gag, a penis gag or a cocksucker’s mirror, like you’ve pictured?

No, you really don’t need those.  But do you think I choose things solely because they’re useful?  I am admittedly and deservedly selfish as a dominant woman, and sometimes I’ll want you to do things as much because it amuses and pleases Me as because it’s useful for a cocksucker in training.  All of the dongs have suction cups, so you could stick them to any mirror really, for the benefits I state under the photo.  But I like the idea of you slipping it over the first real stud cock you service, looking yourself in the eye as all of your fevered imaginings come to fruition.  And, as the photo caption says, it’s a novelty. It’ll be attractive to those who like a mirror specifically tailored to the fact that they are a cocksucker.

With regard to the gags, again, no, you don’t need them.  But it makes My pussy wet to see you on webcam or in photos with one of those in your mouth, showing Me that even when you aren’t actively practicing on a dong or sucking a cock, you acknowledge what you are, and what your mouth is really for.  Practically speaking, the dongs themselves will alert you to the fact that you need to work on masking your teeth when they begin to bear bite marks and scrapes, but these toys aren’t cheap, and I encourage you to take the best care of them you can so that you can use them for a long time.

Mistress, I saw a dildo that squirts on Stockroom. Why didn’t you include that?

That model does come with a cum-mimicking lube that further investigation told Me is supposed to be odorless and tasteless, and it’s also supposed to be safe to ingest, but it’s not specific enough in the product description itself. I found something that said it’s not really great to ingest in any quantity because it may not be toxic, but it is lube, and it will lube you all the way through your digestive tract, if you know what I mean.  And sure, you could make your own concoctions (there are even submissions online where folks have shared their favorite recipes), but then you get into the problem of gunking up the very thin tubing that tends to come with this type of toy.

I looked at other models outside of Stockroom, and they all seemed more geared toward those of you who want to fuck your other pussy with it, and feel it cum there, because those “cum mimic-ers” also had stuff in them that I’m not sure you should ingest, even if you can.  Nah, I decided it was best to give those a wide berth entirely.

Besides, cock slut, if what I’ve suggested isn’t realistic enough for you, it’s time for you to start shopping for a real cock.  Just make sure, with the aid of My toys and training, that you’ll be confident in the service you are able to provide.

Open wide and dive in!

In closing, and as always, be aware of what material your toy is made of, the care it requires to keep it sanitary and in good condition, and the lube you can use with it (can’t go wrong with water-based, but you shouldn’t need anything but spit if you’re only sucking it).  Don’t forget to consult My other post, which will help make you cock-ready as much as these practice toys.

Happy cock sucking!