Yes, I’m featuring Miss Lelo, if for no other reason than that she’s so durn pretty.

Have you noticed the new tab up at the top of the page?  This post is meant to be a companion to My recommendations for the stroker boy and clitty-flicking sissy who might want to enhance their masturbatory life with a toy or two.  These are also excellent suggestions to your Mistress if you’ve been on a tease and denial program for quite a while, and edging with your hand doesn’t seem like enough of a challenge for you anymore (I can hear you orgasm denial pets moaning “Yes it is, Mistress!  It’s still absolutely challenging enough with just my hand!”).  Here, I will provide pertinent information regarding one toy or another that may help you decide whether or not it’s the right choice for you (or your Mistress), and answer some questions I anticipate some might have as to why some things are featured and others aren’t.

Stroker boy asks:  “Why aren’t there any cock and ball harness combos, or simply something for ball binding?”

Good question.  The answer is, it’s just down to My personal opinion.  Until you get into heavy bondage and CBT, there really aren’t any ball-squeezers I think are worth getting.  If I want you to tie up your balls for Me while you stroke, I’d just as soon see you do it with an extra large and thick rubber band or a bondage cord as something that says it’s for that stated purpose.  Both of those options are more versatile in terms of ball bondage than most standard cock and ball harnesses. Besides, depending on how big your balls are, you could simply use the largest of the cock rings in the set I suggest.  Sissies, if you’re going to tie up your girly grapes for Me, I’d much rather you use a pretty piece of pink ribbon.

And about those cock rings:  You might wonder why I’ve chosen the cheapest variety around (or almost the cheapest).  Well, once again, I really don’t think there’s much worth paying for in the way of cock rings until you get up into the CBT/serious bondage world.  For a stroker boy who’s just looking to enhance the experience of stroking for Me, these are good enough.  I also like the fact that there are three of these, and they’ve got a little bit of give in them, so pretty much any stroker boy of any girth should be able to use one of them.  I really wish there were some in pastel colors for sissies, but I figured the aforementioned length of pretty pink ribbon would work just as well.

Hear that, sissies?  Invest in several lengths of high quality satin ribbon.  It could have a multitude of uses!

The exception to the “keep it simple” rule for cock rings is the Embrace Pleasure Ring.  Yes, it’s pricey, but I suppose it’s not a surprise when it’s the only non-bondage-oriented cock restraint I’m willing to endorse beyond the most basic.  Sure, there are other vibrating cock rings available, but most of those definitely fall into the “you get what you pay for” category.  Either they’re too loose to work for the added pressure part, or the vibration isn’t strong enough, or they crap out on you soon after purchase.  This one could truly provide a superior experience!  The ring part is stretchy but sturdy.  It’s designed with a partner in mind, so if you’re lucky enough to have someone to drench it with pussy juice or other effluvia right along with you, you can feel confident in the fact that it’s made of My favorite material.  But it’s so versatile, there are a number of ways you could use it all by yourself. It’s got 7 sensation settings for you (or Mistress) to play with, and it’s rechargeable.  If you can afford to spoil yourself a little, I think it’s worth it.

Stroker boy says:  “Mistress, I can find a lot of strokers that are cheaper than the Fleshlight you picked.”

Well isn’t that a coincidence?  So can I!  And even on the same site!  But not only does this one fall under the “you get what you pay for” category, this particular model is so versatile!  It’s got a place for you to insert a vibrator, settings to control the strength of the suction, and the inside is made of cyberskin, so the feeling is extremely realistic.  Do pay close attention to the cleaning instructions that come with the item.  Cyberskin is pretty durable and easy to clean, but it’s not silicone.  There are also other Fleshlight models available on the site, but this one is the one that I can confidently recommend.

Stroker boy says:  “Mistress, didn’t I read somewhere that you own a Hitachi wand?  Why are you recommending a different one?”

Another good question!  Listen, I love My Hitachi.  But one day she will go the way of all things, and when she does, I’m replacing her with a Doxy.  I’m going to get a Doxy even though I’m not crazy about the material the head is made of (full disclosure–it’s PVC, and while medical grade for external use only, it’s still more porous than and will still degrade over time faster than silicone), ** UPDATE** The head on the new models is now silicone! I like the fact that it’s smoother and more yielding than the head of My current wand, so it can really . . . mold itself to nooks and crannies.  It’s got a longer cord than the Hitachi also, and frankly, the limited distance I have had to be from a sometimes-inconveniently-placed plug with My current wand was a minor annoyance.  Extension chords can be sexy to Me, but usually not in the context of their intended use.

The main thing I like about this over My tried-and-true is the power and control.  I know you can get some Hitachis customized with greater control settings, but the one I have and the one most often available right off the shelf only has two–high and low.  This one has 20.  And dare I say, I think the vibration strength of the Doxy is higher, though not by much, when comparing the highest end of both wands.  At the same time, it’s just My opinion that the Doxy is quieter than the Hitachi, though if you’re looking to be completely discrete when using a full-size wand toy, I can only wish you luck.

Stroker boy asks:  “Mistress, why do you recommend water-based lube for toy play?”

It’s pretty straight-forward:  No matter what material the toy is made from, water-based lube is safe to use for it.  Silicone-based lube stays wetter, longer, but it also eats silicone, so your silicone toy will degrade eventually.  Oil or oil-based lubes are okay, but if they’re not silicone, that means they’re likely porous, and the oil can get stuck in nooks and crannies a lot easier, producing and then harboring bacteria.  If you happen to be using the toy with a partner, and the two of you are using condoms, you have to make sure you’re using polyurethane condoms, because oil-based lube eats latex.  Same deal if you have or plan to get a toy that has latex in it.  Water-based lube is the closest in constitution to pussy juice (eyeing that Fleshlight again are we?), reinvigorates with a little spit instead of requiring that you add more, meaning a little goes a long way, and cleans up easily.  So, if you have a lube you like better, by all means use it, but know how it interacts with the toy you’ve got.

Now that you know all Mistress’ reasonings, recommendations, and reservations, you can shop with confidence, but feel free to E-mail Me or ask Me during a session if you have any further questions.