Hello, Horny Readers! Ah, training a cocksucker . . .

Just a simple little post today, sharing a bit of news, and humiliating My pet in the process! It seems fitting that since last post I wrote about a submissive I miss, I should write about a submissive I might have ended up writing about, had he not reappeared about a week ago.

Training a cocksucker can be a challenge at the best of times. It was so much fun to meet pussymouth last Summer, as well as to begin to urge him in the direction he has long wanted to go. But, life got in the way, and W/e were forced to abort O/ur mission to get a cock down his gullet.

It seems, however, that the idea of sucking his first cock just wouldn’t leave him alone!

To My great joy and amusement, pussymouth is back, and W/e have resumed the goal of conditioning his mind to follow through this time.

Below is an example of a writing assignment I gave him, in which I charged him with expressing some of the ideas I’ve been impressing upon him, ways I wanted him to think about himself, and his goal.

Dear Mistress:
I understand that, no matter what happens, I am already a cocksucker, and it is only a matter of time before I fulfill my purpose.  I know that it is inevitable that I will suck a cock, because that is my purpose and it will be fulfilled.
I have worked diligently with You to prepare myself [to] accept cock orally.  My mouth and throat are
Right, pussymouth? You do, don’t you?
a pussy for the cock I will suck.  My lips will wrap around it and suck hungrily.  My tongue will cover my bottom teeth and slide down the cock’s shaft to the balls.  My throat will open up and take the full length of the cock.  I will slide my mouth pussy up and down the cock, gagging on the way down and sucking on the way up.
I want to kneel to suck, because that is most submissive.  I am ready to put the back of my head against the wall to allow deeper penetration.  I will also tip my head over the edge of the bed to take it upside down, so that my bulging throat is visible to the stud I am sucking. [slutty little detail, that, yes readers?]
The goal is to get a hot load of jizz in my mouth.  I will feel the cock pulsing and shooting ropes of cum in mouth, and I will swallow every drop.

Eloquent, isn’t he?

But the above represents the result of a concerted effort to remove words like “maybe” and “if” from his vocabulary, and his thinking, in terms of sucking cock.

Training a cocksucker involves conditioning the mind, as well as the mouth and throat. W/e have long pursued the latter through the aid of a selection of dildos, which he slurps and sucks for Me via Skype. But training the mind is the real challenge with pussymouth.

I’d say that judging from his submitted assignment, W/e’re doing well on that front!

Wish U/s luck!


Miss Rachel, Cocksucker Training