With a Two Mistress Call, There’s Still Only One Way:  Our Way! 

From time to time, a playmate has asked Me who is My favorite Mistress Sister with whom to do a two Mistress call.  I can never choose just one, and besides, it depends on both the caller’s interests, and Hers.  So I’ve decided that sometime in the coming month, I will do a series on some of My fellow Mistresses with whom I’ve had particular fun in this context, and even some with whom I haven’t yet had the pleasure. If I can remember, I’ll try to include some particular times we’ve shared with a caller that resonate (taking pains to protect privacy, of course).

In a two Mistress call, there is still only one way–OUR way!

Meanwhile, if you’ve had a two Mistress call and loved it, especially if you do it regularly, I’d love to read in the comments about what particularly makes it special for you.  If you’ve never tried a two Mistress call before, or aren’t really into the idea, I’d be interested to read why not.  No pressure–it just helps to get my juices flowing for the upcoming spotlight series.

As for Me, when the chemistry is right between the two Mistresses and between each of Us and one of you, I think two Mistress calls can be particularly euphoric.  Imagine two devious, dominant women focused solely on making you feel what ever you need to feel, how ever We want you to feel, and more!

If you weigh in in the comments section, feel free to give a shout-out to the fantastic Femmes who kept you firmly under their heel or thumb, and left you with an unforgettable experience!  It’s never a bad time to pay tribute to your favorite Mistress, is it?  I’d love to hear from some playmates with whom I’ve shared such a time, who the second Mistress was, and what made it so special.  And if you’ve been fantasizing about how just such a call would be, even if you never act on it, you can comment about that, too!