Hello, Horny Readers!

Usually when you boys are horny for some FemDom phone sex, you call one of your lovely Mistresses here at LDW, as you should.  But did you know that some of us are able to call you?  I am now equipped to do so, once the session is set up with our dispatchers.  A website dedicated to just such an arrangement is WakeUpSexy.com!  Aren’t the sexy and dominant demands and masturbation guidance of your favorite Mistress more appealing than the abrasive sounds of an alarm clock?

There are many choices of Mistresses with whom you can start your day, and no matter what your style or fetish, your wakeup call can be tailored to meet your needs.  My bio on the site gives you a taste of just one facet of my capabilities, but I’m also daydreaming of a little sedate morning girltalk over a cup of coffee with a sissy of the more demure variety!  I can imagine many a coerced sissy, whether slutty or prim, enjoying some soothing and humiliating morning affirmations, so that her feminized state is with her all day long, in spite of the itchy, inappropriate boy clothes s/he is forced to wear to work or school!  Perhaps s/he’d like to engage in a little bit of fantasy regarding what her morning routine may be if Mistress was preparing and dressing her for her day, while s/he plays with her clitty?

A session arranged through WakeUpSexy.com would be an ideal addition to a long term chastity routine, or a great way to begin a new one!  It’s a chance for your Mistress to check in with your progress, to make sure your hands haven’t wandered to inappropriate places overnight, to allow your Mistress to talk you through any desperation you might be feeling to be loosened from your cage due to the pressure of morning wood.  Early morning, before your shower, can be an ideal time for prostate milking as well.  What an opportunity for an intimate moment between a Mistress and Her cock locked boy!

What about cuckold fantasies?  Your wife didn’t come home last night, did she?  You and I both know where she is though.  Let’s talk about it, and what she will have been up to when she comes home!

The possibilities are endless!  You really don’t even need to wait until morning to have your Mistress be the one to call you.  Bedtime stories are just as useful as wakeup calls, or any other time during the day when hearing your Mistress’ voice on the other end of the line instead of your boss or a sales call might be a welcome change of pace.  But I love the idea of a boy starting his day with some erotic fun like this, and I hope you do, too!  Call our helpful, friendly dispatchers to make arrangements!