Hello Horny Readers!

Whether crossdresser or sissy, in the general world of feminization, there are some “males” who really don’t care about anything but the clothes.  For them, it’s what they wear that truly puts them in the erotic or relaxed frame of mind, or gives them their submissive high.  Further, for those who are excited by humiliation specifically, it can be the blatant contrast between the masculine details of their physique, packaged in something frilly or silky and feminine,  that takes them where they want to go.

Still others embrace the more exacting details, either at the behest of their Mistress, or simply because it makes them feel more girly, like body hair removal, makeup, nails, a wig . . . but how many “girls” think about the way they move when dressed?  Or even when not?

I’ve been thinking about it lately, and I believe that training in the way you carry yourself is an often forgotten detail in feminization. Think about it; part of what’s sexy about women (not that a sissy will ever be a real woman, just as s/he’ll never quite be a real man) is the way they move, the way they walk.  Here are a few things a sissy or a crossdresser can do to learn to move in a more feminine fashion, so that they don’t move like men in heels:

Become more body-aware in general.

Part of what makes real men so attractive to me is the un-self-conscious way they move.  They take up space.  They swing their arms more when they walk.  They take long strides.  They sit with their knees wide apart, et cetera.  I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.  Begin to note how and when you do those things.  Don’t do anything about them the first or second time you take notice.  Just, become aware.  Perhaps even begin to make a list so that when the time comes, you will have specific motions to watch for and modify so that they begin looking more feminine, or become eliminated altogether.

Consider beginning a pilates or yoga regimen.

Both pilates and yoga are excellent for strengthening the core and increasing flexibility, which many men are sorely lacking.  Greater flexibility and a tighter core means the potential for greater grace in movement, as well as encouraging you towards a longer, leaner frame.  And especially for some of you  sissy cock whores, just think what kinds of positions your stud cock can crank you into while he nails your ass pussy if you become nice and limber for him!

Consider corset training!

A corset changes the shape of your body.  It draws in the waist, squares the shoulders, lifts the ribcage, straightens the posture, and flares the hips, no matter who is wearing it!  A change in the carriage of your body necessarily changes the way you move.  And you’ll look so much more feminine, too!

Now, corset training is something to be undertaken slowly and with guidance.  It’s something your body has to “take to” bit by bit, so that you can learn to breathe while wearing it, and adjust to the different carriage I mention above.  But once you try it, for many, the “inner girl” they could never quite find is revealed!

Get yourself a pair of heels and practice!

Start with a low pair (no more than 2″), and something to hold onto, like a wall.  Get used to wearing the heels without rolling your ankles before taking on technique and greater height.  Then, practice walking without holding the wall or other support, but don’t force the technique too much then, either.  Only when you feel perfectly comfortable and stable should you practice what you learned from becoming more body aware as in the first suggestion above–making your steps smaller, perhaps putting a hand on your hip like a fashion model on the runway (I can just picture a feminized little sissy sashaying along with her little sissy purse in the crook of her arm!), and above all, giving your hips a gentle sway with every step.

These are just a few suggestions for those feminized playtoys who not only want to look feminized, but move as if they are as well.  If you’d like some extra guidance or coaching on implementing any of these tips in your feminization regimen, please feel free to contact Me for a session!