Hello, Horny Readers!

The above is a question I recently received, paraphrased, from a playmate via E-mail.  Well, maybe it wasn’t really a question, more like a statement that I don’t write much here about cum eating.  I don’t look back much on what I have or haven’t written about; I sort of write about what occurs to me and inspires me as it happens, but I do appreciate hearing about what my readers would like to read more of here, so the (implied) question was welcome!

The short answer is, cum eating interests Me most in the context of other kinks–cock sucker training, humiliation, coerced bisexuality, things like that.  Further, I’m turned on by cum eating fresh out of the hopper–whether it’s from a submissive’s own controlled cock (or sissy clitty), or from that of a superior male, and not so much turned on by the collection of cum for later ingestion, or cum gargling, or slurping, or anything like that.

Yes, devotees of cum eating as a kink in and of itself often like things like saving up their cum in ice cube trays and the like, and then popping a frozen cum cube into their mouth as a slutty treat.  And I applaud the inventiveness of such a tactic, but I have to admit that I also think it’s kind of gross!  Hot, fresh, and pumping after a period of edging or as the reward for a cocksucking well done is how I like to hear about and encourage the draining of your balls, or someone else’s, into your mouth!

Do you like to eat your own cum?  How do you like to do it?