There are lots of different kinds of sissies.  Why do I want to be a sissy bimbo?

I’ve been thinking about all the different sissies I’ve met, trained, and played with, both in My personal life and here at LDW.  Sissies tend to have two things in common: they are drawn to the feminine (of course), and they are submissive. Other than that, their styles range from helpful, demure, and efficient domestics to cheap-as-a-five-dollar-whore-and-proud-of-it aspiring lot lizards. Their mindsets range from deferential but intelligent to complete and utter airheads who’d forget to breathe if Mistress didn’t remind them.  It’s the latter variety, the sissy bimbo, that particularly occupied My thoughts today.  I speak to many playmates who desire to be sissy bimbos, but who don’t understand, in a conscious way, why.  They often experience shame and confusion over this desire.  This post is meant to explain My view of the allure of the sissy bimbo, so that those who are drawn to the persona might realize that it could be a completely natural way to process common practical, sexual, and psychological features of their lives.

The first clue lies in one of the common factors mentioned above: the desire to be submissive.  When an aspiring sissy bimbo asks Me, “why do I want this”, My explanation is the similar to the one I give to those who wonder why they’re on the “s” side of the D/s dynamic.  The fact is, those who yearn to be submissive often have lives outside of kinky fantasy that are full of stress, responsibility, authority, and even power.  We Mistresses understand that it’s natural for this type of person to be desperate, consciously or not, for a place in their lives where they are not required to be any of these.  It makes sense that if the world outside of Femdom phone sex depends on a “man” to be smart, decisive, and dependable, some will end up gravitating toward becoming the exact opposite:  a flighty dim bulb who can’t function without the direction of Someone smarter and/or more powerful than s/he.

The nature of the sissy bimbo also allows for easier exploration of interests that are still considered taboo in mainstream of society.  Lots of strides have been made in the last couple of decades in the acceptance of kinky tastes.  It’s still very difficult, however, for many a “man” to accept the fact that (s)he wants to be submissive in the first place, let alone accept that (s)he longs to be coerced into dressing in traditionally (and often hyper-feminine) female clothing.  Imagine further that (s)he has cock sucking fantasies, but portrays s/himself to the world as strictly heterosexual.  Even when (s)he has come to enough of a place of acceptance regarding these fantasies that (s)he can call a feminization or humiliation Mistress to explore them, channeling these desires through an alter ego who literally doesn’t have enough sense to experience shame can put a buffer between s/himself and s/his anxieties.

Of course, some of those who come to Me for sissy bimbo training don’t have any buried impulses or any particular lifestyle burdens–they’re simply not very good at being men, and admittedly seek to relieve themselves of the pressure of a game they could never hope to win. They admire and lust after women they could never satisfy, while idolizing and lusting after the men they’ll never be.  For them, the sissy bimbo life is a surrender to the inevitable of the “if you can’t beat them, join them.  If you can’t join them, suck their cocks” variety.  If what’s between their legs is useless, they hope that what’s between the cheeks of their asses and under their noses isn’t.  In this, they find an escape.  A sissy bimbo doesn’t have to be smart or manly–s/he just needs to be able to service cocks and take strap-ons well, to do as hur Mistress tells hur. What a relief!

Hopefully some of you out there who have had inklings of your inner sissy bimbo that you’ve tried to suppress will understand yourselves better after having read this post.  A better understanding of the usefulness of this persona, or in some cases, its inevitability, can save a lot of “men” a great deal of grief.  There’s a place for them in the sexual universe, even if it’s not where society makes them think they belong.

Tired of thinking, of the relentless pursuit of the trappings of manhood and responsibility? Fantasizing about frilly things when all around you expect you to think about sports scores and banging that next hot chick?  Visions of rock-hard cocks dancing in your head?  Keep calm, look pretty, suck cock, and let Mistress do your thinking for you!