Hello Horny Readers!

I was inspired to write this series regarding the natural grouping of feminization, bi curiosity, and chastity training because of a new relationship I’ve begun recently.  Let Me preface My reflections by saying that although some of the playmates My Boyfriend and I share have been locked in chastity at one time or another, My exploits here at LDW have not focused on being the administratrix of long term chastity programs.  To be frank, I am so very fond of the roar of release that a stroke toy emits after a period of teasing that I haven’t explored the possibilities of the desperation communicated by a toy who is impeded from even getting an erection, let alone stroking himself to orgasm for Me.

This is about to change.

Within the past week or two, I have begun to form a bond with a submissive whose situation has proven to be an ideal means of allowing Me to a.) indulge in the pleasures of orgasm denial that extend beyond edging, b.) cater to my fondness for situations in which a beta male submits himself to the cock of a Real Man, and c.) administer the humiliation through emasculation that comes with sissy training.

I am coming in on the ground floor with this sissy-to-be.  S/he came to me with a confession that s/he just wasn’t very successful with women, because her sissy clit, though of average size, simply couldn’t predictably achieve or sustain erection unless s/he also had something in her ass pussy.  In fact, s/he further confessed that s/he had had the impulse to penetrate herself from early on in her masterbatory life.

S/he came equipped with a chastity cage and serial numbered plastic locks which s/he’d used before, but never with the guidance of a Mistress.  S/he therefore had never had the opportunity for psychological and sexual growth that results from being forced to push past the period of frenzy that inevitably comes when weeks go by and s/he has not been allowed release, since s/he could simply decide to remove the device when things got rough.  Lastly, s/he confessed that s/he never seemed to have trouble with getting her clitty up when s/he engaged in masturbation while watching gay porn.

It all seems to come together so nicely, doesn’t it?

But what does sissification have to do with all of this, you might ask?  Stay tuned for part two of this series, in which I will discuss how seduced sissydom will give this new submissive, and others like her, a new lease on her sexual life!