This is all we get for a little while, Horny Readers!  So savor it, as I have!

I groaned and barked (just as my owner liked me to) as Goddess Rachel slammed her strapon again and again up my ass.

“Come on, pupslave,” she shouted. “Take it like a good little bitch!”

I barked louder and higher. I felt sharp but mild pain as she spanked my ass and then again. She grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled on it like the reins of a horse, and then I felt the other hand latch onto my shoulder and then drag her nails down my back. I whined and whimpered like a bitch in heat as she began to climax. A few moments later she was panting heavily, her hands loose and her cock practically motionless though it was still lodged firmly in my sissy pussy [I do love to stay bottomed out in a fuckdoll after anal sex makes Me cum–M.R.]

After a minute she slid out of me and went to eat while I trailed behind on all fours. As she sat down and began eating she lifted her feet and said, “Worship.” I happily obeyed.

I started by taking her left foot in both hands and slowly massaging its sole with my thumbs.  As I did so I bent my head down and closed my lips around each toe, one at a time, letting my tongue slide reverently over the digits and then into the spaces between them [Mmmmm, shrimping while enjoying pancakes!  Perfect!–M.R.] Then I moved my thumbs down to the ball of the foot and began applying my tongue eagerly to the sole. At the same time I could feel her other foot rubbing against my face. When she liked my worship she would caress me affectionately, and when she was displeased or she wanted me to move along more quickly she would slap me or else push harder so that my skin stretched back awkwardly like when a kid makes faces. Soon I went on to repeat the process with the left foot, gleefully licking and sucking the feet of Goddess Rachel until my progress led me up to her ankles, and then to her calves, and then to her inner thighs. I ran my hands up and down, massaging her legs as my tongue came again upon that glorious pussy. I heard the Goddess moaning up above me and I wondered just how many times one woman could get off in only a few hours.

Goddess Rachel took my head again and pressed me in. As she did, I imagined rising up with my whole body until my lips met hers and my member slid into her. The idea somehow made me even harder than I already was, but I resisted on the grounds that such behavior would probably not be appreciated from a slave. Instead, I continued to lick, I moved my whole face in and out, I pleasured my Goddess Rachel like the toy that I was. I was enfolded again and again by her wet flesh until finally she came once more and pushed my face away, its purpose fulfilled.

Now wasn’t that delicious?  I don’t know when we’ll get to enjoy more, but I know I’m satiated!