This is truly the last bit of the story by pupslave.  Everyone applaud her, wherever you are, for providing My horny readers so much entertainment and titillation!  *Miss Rachel claps enthusiastically*

Remember, part six is truly the finish to the story, so read that last (or again) for continuity!

And through it all I could feel the pain in my cock. Goddess Rachel had promised that as long as I behaved well I wouldn’t have to wear the cock cage at home, but public was another matter. No matter how well-behaved I was, Goddess simply wouldn’t tolerate me following her around with a perpetual boner out where everyone could see. [You’re absolutely right, My coerced sissy pet]. So now my penis lay trapped in a pink cage, struggling to grow erect and finding only the pain of its restraints to reward its efforts [It’s all worth it to please your Mistress, isn’t it?]

The display of my submission could have gone on for hours, but unfortunately Lady Katy needed to get back to work and Goddess Rachel was having trouble resisting the urge to pleasure herself [Me, pleasure MYself?  Well why would I do that when I have you for pussy worship?]. So after the Enchantrix finished leading me around in my puppy outfit she sent me back to the changing rooms and after that we went up to pay for my new wardrobe.

“I think he’ll look lovely in those panties,” said Goddess Rachel loudly as she squeezed my ass. “It’s so nice when a sissy actually looks good in its [Ooh!  “It’s”!  Objectification is sexy!] lady clothes.” She ran her fingers through my long, wavy hair, and said, “Now what do you say to the nice lady?”

As I paid for the clothing I looked at the cashier and said, “Thank you for helping me to be a better sissy slut for my Goddess Rachel.”

“Would you like him to clean your feet after you get off?” asked the Enchantrix. “It might be good for his training to have a guest.”

Lady Katy decided against it, but she took Goddess Rachel’s number just in case she changed her mind. Then Goddess Rachel sent me to the bathroom to change. I came out wearing the first outfit I had tried on for her with the neon blue pantyhose. I also had a pair of pink panties hanging out of my mouth. Goddess Rachel and I walked all the way around the mall twice (the second time she decided to ride on my shoulders since her feet were beginning to ache) before we went out to the car.